Upgrade Your Truck’s Interior for Ultimate Comfort with These Accessories

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A Construction Worker Sitting Inside Truck

A truck is designed to be versatile and rugged so that you can tackle nearly any challenging project. With most of the attention focused on horsepower, torque, and towing capacity, comfort is often overlooked. Whether you use your pickup for daily commutes to work or spend most of your day on the road utilizing your cab as a mobile office, there are some essential accessories you should consider.

Comfort isn’t just adding extra seat padding but anything that improves your experience behind the wheel. Enhanced convenience can create additional comfort by making aspects of your drive easier and eliminating problematic issues. Some automakers offer luxury features on their upper-trim truck models, like built-in heated seats, lumbar support, mobile desks, smartphone compartments, additional storage, and more. However, even if you don’t have all the high-end interior features in your vehicle, you can still transform the inside of your truck and add many of these comforts with aftermarket accessories. Beyond your pickup cab, there are several ways to enhance your ride, including accessories that’ll transform your truck bed. 

A seat wedge smartphone mount

Split Image, Ram Tough-Wedge Against White Background, Ram Tough-Wedge Installed In Truck Holding Smartphone

Depending on your truck model, you may only have a few cup holders and a thin shelf built into the dash for storing your phone. If you don’t have an ideal place to keep your device secure, it can be frustrating when it slides across the seat or falls to the floor. There are smartphone mounts that fit into available cup holders, but then you lose valuable space for your coffee, water bottles, etc.

A seat wedge is designed to fit the narrow space between your center console and the seat. Not only does your interior hold the seat wedge in place, but it also makes it possible to position your smartphone closer to the dash for better visibility. Various wedges are available, with some offering additional storage, extra cup holders, and more, depending on your needs. Some more robust models can even support tablets and use an articulating arm so you can position them just right. These products range in price from $25 to just over $130, with many available configurations. 

A steering wheel desk

A Steering Wheel Desk Attached To A Steering Wheel

There is no comfortable place in a truck for working professionals who must complete paperwork, examine project plans, or eat lunch on the go. Most center armrests aren’t large enough or in the correct position to support a laptop or clipboard. Worse still, when eating in your truck without a level surface in front of you, you risk spilling lunch on your clothes. Fortunately, there is a steering wheel desk that can ease these inconveniences and make your day a bit more manageable.

There are several different options for these desks that all attach to your steering wheel. Some products provide a level surface, while others angle downward to provide a more ergonomic working area. Some of these desks are relatively simple, with a cutout that fits around the steering wheel, while others have more complex hooks and supports. You can find steering wheel desks for less than $10 and up to nearly $50 with additional pull-out tray extenders.

Seat warmers

A Heated Vehicle Seat

One of the often-touted luxury add-ons for truck interiors is heated seats, which can make a brisk morning commute more comfortable. The added heat may also help relieve sore muscles after a physical day on the job, especially if you choose a model that includes massage settings. If your pickup lacks this feature, you can still incorporate it into your seats with one of several aftermarket products.

There are many options for heated seat covers that fit snugly to your upholstery and provide you with a similar experience to the built-in version. After you install the cover, you can power the coils using your cigarette lighter or by wiring it into your truck’s battery. You can then power them on or off and select various heat levels to suit your needs. These seat-warming covers start around $35 and go up to around $100 if you want to include additional functionality like cooling and massage options.

Lower back support

Lumbar Support cushion on car seat

According to a study published on the National Institute of Health site, of several hundred truck drivers that were evaluated, 59% of them experienced low back pain. If you spend considerable time on the road, you may eventually experience discomfort in your lower back. But you can help minimize the risk of spinal issues by providing your back some additional support in the form of lumbar accessories.

Lumbar pillows or support devices contour to your lower back and help reduce pressure on the area when behind the wheel. These pillows are typically firm and curve outward so that even when leaning forward, your muscles aren’t straining unnecessarily. Some of these products are made with breathable mesh material to help keep you more comfortable during warmer weather. Lumbar support products start at around $20 and can run up to over $60 if you opt for additional features. Regardless of which lumbar support product you choose, it will help promote better posture, which can aid in alleviating lower back discomfort. 

Under-seat lockable storage compartment

An Under Seat Lockable Storage Container Installed

A disorganized and messy truck cab can make items difficult to locate and reduce overall comfort with needless clutter. It also isn’t the most professional look to have materials scattered around the interior of your pickup. In addition, sometimes you may need to secure your valuables, and the center console compartment won’t cut it. Fortunately, there are a variety of interior storage compartments that not only help you stay organized but also include added security for peace of mind.

One of the most wasted areas of space in a truck cab is underneath the rear seats. So, with an under seat and lockable storage compartment, you can take full advantage of your crew cab. These products come in different sizes based on your truck’s make and model, so you must select the right product for the best results. These aftermarket products start around $340 and go as high as $550, depending on the materials used. However, under-seat storage isn’t your only option for additional space, as many pickup owners also equip products from popular truck bed toolbox brands.

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