Towing Mirrors

Last Update: June 18, 2024
If your vehicle is equipped with factory towing mirrors, you need to replace a damaged one, or you want to upgrade to factory or custom towing mirrors, you have come to the right place. OE replacement mirrors by Autosaver88 are available in any factory configuration and with options such as power-adjustable glass, heated glass, turn signals, and extendable telescope. But if you only tow occasionally, there are easily removable and mountable universal and model-specific extensions that attach to your existing mirrors in minutes, as well as universal door and fender mounts for towing mirrors.


The OE replacement mirrors you’ll find on our digital shelves fit and function like factory towing mirrors but at a lower price. If your vehicle is equipped with options like power adjustment, heated glass, or turn signals in the mirrors, you can get mirrors with identical features. They can be mounted and connected to your vehicle’s wiring harness in the same way. Therefore, these mirrors are also a significant upgrade if your truck or SUV is not equipped with towing mirrors from the factory. We offer fixed and telescoping mirrors that can be adjusted 4″ to 5″ further out for better visibility. They are available in black and chrome finishes, and many are paintable.


Towing Mirrors for Chevy and GMC

2003-2007 Chevy Silverado,

GMC Sierra [1500, 2500, HD, 3500];

Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, Yukon

  • Power heated side view tow mirrors;

  • with arrow turn signal light;

  • telescoping & turn signal.

Tow Mirrors for 2007 - 2017 Toyota Tundra

Power control heated hear view mirrors, manual extending and folding;

with turn signal.

  • flat and convex lenses;

  • can be power-adjusted;

  • simpla installation.

Towing Mirrors for 07-14 Ford F150 Truck

Trailer tow mirrors;

with power electric controlling;

heated glass;

turn signal and puddle lamp; manual telescoping;


  • lens type: flat and convex;

  • provide a larger viewing area;

  • simple installation.

Towing Mirrors for 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra

switchback LED;

tube turn signal;

power heated;



  • Vehicle specific fit;

  • includes LH (driver side) & RH (passenger side);

  • increase safety when turning or changing lanes.

Towing Mirrors for 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra

2500HD 3500HD Pickup;

power heated;

with turn signal light;

LH+RH side pair.

  • with telescoping & turn signal;

  • provide a larger viewing area;

  • sold as a pair.

The innovative Autosaver88 Towing Mirrors with Lane Change Alert-Cam use integrated cameras to detect vehicles in blind spots and alert the driver. When a car approaches from behind in the blind spot, the driver receives a visual warning in the form of a LED icon that illuminates in the mirror glass. If the driver attempts to turn while the vehicle is in the blind spot, an audible signal sounds when the driver activates the turn signals. There are also arrow turn signals in the mirror glass. Like our other OE -style towing mirrors, the K-Source Towing Mirrors with Lane Change Alert Cam mount is just like the factory mirrors and can be folded in to prevent damage.

Our vehicle-specific towing mirrors with clip-on extensions have plastic housings that can be slid over the factory mirrors for an integrated look. The towing mirror is positioned outside your existing mirrors and attached with tabs or knobs, depending on the manufacturer. Autosaver88 also offers universal clip-on towing mirrors attached to all side mirrors.

We offer the universal fender and door mount towing mirrors to reduce blind spots and provide the broader field of vision you need to safely back up your trailer and change lanes on the highway. Easy to install and fully adjustable, they require no permanent modifications to your vehicle and are just as easy to remove when not needed. Clip-on mirrors by Autosaver88 are another temporary solution to improve your rear visibility when towing a trailer. They attach quickly and easily to your existing mirrors to expand your field of vision without distorting vibration.

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