Haul Master Motorcycle Carrier: Manufacturer, Quality, and Pricing

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Haul-Master 600 lb motorcycle carrier with motorcycle

If ever there were a tool you wanted to be 100% convinced is safe to use, it would be a truck-mounted motorcycle rack. Tying down and securing cargo is of the utmost importance when hauling large objects, but sometimes, you need to trust the job to an external device or mount. Few thoughts are as terrifying as loading up your favorite motorcycle onto the back of your truck for transport, only to have the whole thing collapse on the road. Not only will you likely be out of an expensive motorcycle, but if it comes loose on the highway, there is a real chance anyone driving behind you will get hurt.

That is why treating something like the Haul-Master Motorcycle Carriers with a healthy pinch of salt is understandable. Buying and using something like this differs greatly from purchasing a saw at the hardware store and having the teeth wear out on you. We’re talking about a mount intended to safely haul your motorcycle long distances without fear of damaging or losing it. So, for the sake of science and safety, let’s evaluate where these motorcycle racks are coming from and, more importantly, if they can serve their task as advertised.

Who makes Haul-Master Motorcycle Carriers?

Haul-Master 600 lb motorcycle carrier ramp

The Haul-Master brand specializes primarily in automotive cargo hauling and material transport, offering various cargo mounts for cars and trucks alongside truck bed attachments like cargo belts and extenders. The brand also sells helpful gadgets and accessories for installing and managing cargo mounts, including ratcheting tie-downs for securing large loads, step stools for reaching up to the top of a car, and replacement tires for its various trailer carts.

Haul-Master is actually one of the many in-house brands of the hardware retail chain Harbor Freight, sitting alongside other brands like Predator, Union Safe, Hercules, and more. This is why you can only purchase Haul-Master products, including the motorcycle carriers, at Harbor Freight; the products are produced by Harbor Freight exclusively for distribution in Harbor Freight stores and on its online storefront. If you find Haul-Master products anywhere else, it’s the work of a reseller, authorized or otherwise.

400 lb Receiver-Mount Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier

Haul-Master 400 lb Receiver-Mount Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier ramp

Harbor Freight offers two Haul-Master-branded motorcycle carriers, the first of which is the 400 lb Receiver-Mount Aluminum model. This model costs $169.99, roughly the same price as a motorcycle mount you would find on Amazon. As the name implies, this model can safely haul motorcycles weighing up to 400 pounds., making it suitable for more pared-down vehicles like motocross bikes. The aluminum body uses a drop-down tire design on the rear wheel and a clamp-on device on the front wheel, working in tandem with external ratcheting tie-downs to keep your ride firmly in place. If your ride is a little too long for the mount, the platform can extend or contract for a better fit.

This carrier is generally well-regarded by Harbor Freight shoppers, scoring a 4.3 out of 5 user rating. Users have complimented the carrier’s sturdy and stable construction, with several noting that it stayed steady even during a long highway drive. In addition to smaller motorcycles, multiple users have used this mount to haul e-bikes with the same level of success. As long as you only have a single smaller bike to haul, this carrier can handle it with confidence.

600 lb Motorcycle Carrier

Haul-Master 600 lb Motorcycle Carrier mounted on truck

The second Haul-Master Motorcycle Carrier is the 600 lb model, designed for heavier cruiser motorcycles and scooters. This model costs $239.99, slightly more than you might pay for similar motorcycle truck mounts elsewhere, though still substantially cheaper than something professional-grade. Compared to its sibling’s aluminum body, this mount has a more rugged steel composition with built-in channels for wheels up to 7 ½ inches in width. The body has integrated tie-down points for attaching fasteners, an adjustable wheel chock, and a built-in anti-rattle device for holding your bike steady.

Much like the lighter model, this motorcycle carrier has been generally well-received by Harbor Freight shoppers, earning a 4.6 out of 5 user rating. Users enjoy how easy this mount is to assemble and install, which then proved itself on the road. Several users noted their reluctance to haul expensive motorcycles on something relatively inexpensive, but all of them said that it safely hauled their rides with no problems. If you have a mid-to-large-sized bike, this mount is a safe and economical purchase.

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