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With the nice weather setting in and school coming to a close, many people will start adventuring out in their RVs for weekend camping trips and cross-country road trips. Though there are many high-tech items you can bring camping, there are several essential accessories that need to be considered for the camper, especially concerning safety and power. However, where can you find some of these products that won’t cost you an arm and a leg?

Harbor Freight is a good place to start looking for some of the items. Several sections in the store are dedicated specifically to RV life, such as towing and power supplies. Even better, many of these products may run you a bit cheaper compared to other places like Camping World. As attested by high ratings and reviews from customers who have used these products, here are five RV and travel trailer essentials you can find at Harbor Freight. The methodology we used in selecting these apps will be explained in more detail at the bottom of this article.

Viking 1700 Peak Amp Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

Viking portable jump starter

Whether you’re driving a Class A RV or a small travel trailer attached to your towing vehicle, you may be in the middle of nowhere. If your vehicle’s battery dies, there’s a chance there won’t be anyone around to jump-start you. Harbor Freight sells the Viking 1700 Peak Amp Portable Car Battery Jump Starter, which can jump-start up to a V8 gas engine and a V6 diesel engine.

This jumper starter comes with several features that you can take advantage of. There are extra heavy-duty clamps to make sure that they stay in place during charging and an easy-to-use master on/off switch that will turn off the power to the clamps when need be. There’s also a rapid charge 2.4A USB output along with a 12V cigarette lighter option if you need to charge other items like your phone or laptop. What’s more, it also comes with a 150 PSI air compressor for those heavy-duty tires.

This jump starter comes with a 4.7 out of five-star rating from over 500 buyers. Many reviews state that this product is easy to use and has been successful many times. One reviewer even bought four of them to have on hand. One complaint, though, was that after a couple of uses, the jumper starter does need to be charged. If you have to use it, we would recommend not turning off your vehicle until you can get somewhere to replace the battery.

Haul-Master Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

Ball lock inside RV trailer coupler

When owning an RV, there’s safety and then there’s protection. Having protective measures like wheel locks and bolted doors is important. If your RV has a trailer coupler, it would be a smart idea to invest in a coupler lock. With a 4.1 out of five-star rating from over 200 buyers and as a personal recommendation for peace of mind, Harbor Freight sells the Haul-Master Universal Trailer Coupler Lock. This ball lock is made with a corrosion-resistant aluminum body and a heavy-duty steel lock bar. There are also 11 locking positions.

This lock is easy to install. Simply place the ball piece inside of the trailer coupler, lock down the coupler latch to keep it in place, then lock the steel bar over it with the keyed lock in place. For added protection, place a lock on the coupler latch as well.

However, keep in mind that this lock, and other added measures of protection, won’t always keep out thieves — although it can help to deter them away. Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to have insurance on your camper and the items inside just in case something happens.

Haul-Master 750-pound Capacity Folding Cargo Carrier

Cargo carrier on the back of a truck

There’s no such thing as too much storage space, especially if you’re traveling with a large group and need to bring several types of useful camping gadgets. The Haul-Master 750-pound Capacity Folding Cargo Carrier allows you to either travel with equipment on the back or have it folded up and used as an outdoor rack for items when you’re parked somewhere, whichever way works best for your traveling needs. Additionally, it can hold up to 750 pounds and fits the standard 2-inch receiver.

This cargo carrier comes with a 4.5 out of five-star rating from nearly 1,300 customers. Many of the positive reviews discuss how well-built and strong the rack product is. One reviewer even stated that they were able to carry all their hunting equipment plus a giant buck they got during hunting season without any bend in the carrier. Another reviewer bought theirs nearly five years ago, and it is still running strong. A negative review stated that there was a bit of play in the hitch receiver, but they could assist it a bit with a hitch stabilizer.

Haul-Master Solid Rubber Wheel Chock

Rubber chock on the back of a wheel

Especially if you are unhitching on unloved ground, you’ll want decent wheel chocks to keep your camper in place. There are several styles made from different types of materials, but as a personal recommendation, you may want to consider sticking to a heavy-duty rubber type. Harbor Freight’s Haul-Master Solid Rubber Wheel Chock is a great choice. The whole chock is made of non-slip rubber and is still relatively lightweight. It has a smooth side for the wheel to grab onto and a rubber traction pad for the ground.

These chocks have a 4.9 out of five-star rating from over 7,400 buyers. The few negative reviews there mostly deal with tire size. The reviewers state that the tires are either too small or too big for the chock’s curve, so keep that in mind when purchasing. However, from the experience of unhooking a single-axel camper with 13-inch tires on extremely unleveled ground on top of a mountain with these chocks in place on both sides of both wheels, the rig wasn’t going anywhere.

Haul-Master 2.5 ton Trailer/RV Scissor Stabilizer

Stabilizer jack under a camper

No one wants to walk around a wobbly RV or travel trailer, especially if you easily get motion sickness. This is why stabilizer jacks are important. Haul-Master 2.5-ton Trailer/RV Scissor Stabilizer is Harbor Freight’s strongest stabilizer jack and can hold a weight capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, or 2.5 tons. It comes with a 4.7 out of five-star rating from over 700 users. Many customers are happy to use these stabilizers compared to the stock ones that usually come on RVs. Although, some did have trouble with the screw turn stating that it was tight to turn. However, a possible solution that could be used is a socket of the same size and a drill to do the hard turning for you.

It’s also fairly easy to adjust the height. All you need to do is use the crank handle to open the jack—it will adjust between 4-5/8-inch T0 23-1/2-inch, which is fairly average for stock travel trailers and RVs. The best part is you can bolt or weld it to your RV frame for permanent attachment or simply place it under the camper when needed and store it away when it’s not being used.

Our methodology for selecting these RV Essentials from Harbor Freight

Rv driving away in the woods

Harbor Freight is known for being a budget-friendly tool and supply company, so it’s no wonder that many people flock to the store for their RVing and camping needs, especially if you’re part of the Harbor Freight Club Membership. All of the products mentioned in this article were selected based on high ratings and positive reviews from Harbor Freight customers who have used them with their personal RVs. Additionally, some of them are personal recommendations from the writer who uses them with their travel trailer. Each item has a rating of 4.1 out of five stars and costs under $200, making them both reliable and affordable.

Keep in mind that there are different styles of RVs, and some items may not work for everyone. For example, a cargo carrier on the back of a 13-foot camper may cause issues due to weight distribution and safety issues. With that being said, we recommend that you do further research on these products and other camper items to make sure that they will work with your specific RV.

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