Power Waxer: The Ultimate Car Cleaning Power Tool

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mechanic with power buffer

They say the first and foremost thing you need to keep your car in good shape is a hefty helping of elbow grease. There’s definitely some truth to that, considering the amount of scrubbing, polishing, body work, and other miscellaneous tasks that necessitate some handiwork. That said, elbow grease can only get you so far.

Cars can endure a lot of punishment over the years, more so if you live somewhere with bumpy terrain or weird weather patterns. Unless you’re giving your car a full-body scrub every single day, sooner or later its beautiful body will be marred with scars and stains that can’t be removed by hand. If you live in this situation, then you might want to invest in a bit of mechanical assistance to ensure that your car remains pristine, and that you don’t scrub so much that your elbows run dry. What you need is a power buffer.

Rapid spinning cleanliness

power buffer on headlight

Power buffers, also known as power waxers, power polishers, and several other similar names, are the ultimate tool against car body damage and grime. The concept has been around since the 1920s, and it’s a fairly simple one: Connect a spindle to a motor, attach a buffing or polishing pad to the spindle, and power up the motor. Just like that, you’ve got a scrubbing implement spinning at thousands of RPMs, attacking scratches, stains, and dull colors with the power of a whirlwind. You know how you usually scrub surfaces in a circle? Imagine being able to complete 2,800 circles in a single minute.

Most power buffers come with modular attachments befitting their many monikers. By swapping out the pad on the end of the spindle, you can swiftly apply wax to a car’s body, buff out irritants with a brush, or even sand off corrosive elements like rust. Power buffers also come in a variety of sizes and speeds, so whether you’re dealing with a huge, gross stain on your car’s hood or a little irritating speck on the rear-view mirror, there’s always a spin for the job.

Is a power buffer right for you?

power buffer on car bumper

The only real downside to power buffers is that they have a bit of a learning curve to them. Not everyone can handle the kind of torque that comes with such a tool, and even if you can maintain your grip, it can be extremely uncomfortable and exhausting after a while. If you’re planning on investing in a power buffer, just remember that you’ll probably have to spend some time practicing with it and getting a feel for the power before it becomes second nature.

You can buy a power buffer at just about any automotive supply store, with various models created by just about every automotive and tool brand on the market. Prices vary depending on your size and needs, though if you’d like a good jumping-off point, we’d suggest Ryobi’s cordless 3-inch variable speed detail polisher. It’s a nice, compact tool with a variety of brush attachments for any situation. You can purchase it on Amazon or Ryobi’s online storefront.

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