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Costco is known for its sweet membership deals and affordable prices on bulk items. But while many people visit the store to stock up on things like paper towels, soap, vitamins, and groceries, Costco offers various products and services that may surprise you, including many hot deals on car parts and accessories. You probably know already that Costco has an automotive department where you can buy tires and have them installed by professional technicians. However, you might not be aware that Costco also offers various other automotive services and products. Depending on the location, your local Costco may offer affordable gas, car washes, and insurance plans. Furthermore, Costco partners with various repair shops, meaning if your vehicle needs repairs or maintenance, your Costco membership could pay off in the form of discounted work. You can even buy a car through the Costco Auto Program.

Costco doesn’t just offer automotive services. The store also stocks a comprehensive selection of underrated tools for DIY projects, hobbies, and auto work. Given that, it may come as no surprise that you can find various car parts and accessories at Costco. Many of these items represent substantial savings compared to other auto parts stores, especially products you can buy in bulk, like motor oil. If you like to do your own auto maintenance or are looking for affordable products to increase your car’s utility, Costco may be a great place to check. To help you understand the kinds of products and deals Costco offers, here are six car parts and accessories worth checking out.

Bulk motor oil

kirkland motor oil

As long as you drive a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (i.e., not an electric vehicle), you will need to buy motor oil. You don’t have to visit an auto parts store to buy the oil yourself — you can choose to take your car to a repair shop or dealership, where the oil will be included in the price of your oil change. Regardless, you’re still paying for the oil.

Considering that most cars need an oil change every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, maintenance costs can add up. If you want to cut down on your maintenance expenses, you have a few options. Replacing your oil at home is one great way to save on maintenance costs. But if you don’t like working on cars or don’t have the space or tools to change your oil, you may still be able to save some cash by purchasing your oil in bulk. Many shops allow you to bring your own oil and filter; some will even discount your total cost if you provide your own materials. 

Buying oil at Costco could be an excellent way to save a few bucks. The warehouse store sells four-packs of 4-quart oil jugs for as little as $63.99. Considering that many auto parts stores sell single 5-quart jugs for between $30 and $50, buying your oil in bulk at Costco can lead to significant savings over time.

Microfiber towel multi-pack

kirkland micro fiber towels

We know that Costco is a great place to buy products in bulk. However, many people don’t realize just how expansive Costco’s inventory actually is. As mentioned, the warehouse store doesn’t just sell groceries and electronics. We’ve already explained how you can save money by buying motor oil in bulk, but you shouldn’t stop there if you want to maximize your savings.

For drivers who enjoy getting out in the sun on the weekend and washing their rides, Costco’s microfiber towel packs could be a solid way to save some cash. These types of towels are excellent for cleaning your car without leaving scratches or streaks. At Costco, microfiber towels come in packs of 36 or 324 for $19.99 and $149.99, respectively. That works out to be less than $1 per towel. Microfiber towels aren’t super expensive, even outside of Costco. But in this economy, every little bit of savings helps, and buying non-perishable items in bulk is an excellent way to save some cash.

Portable jump starter

type s jump starter

So far, we’ve covered a couple of deals you can find on bulk items at Costco. However, the store isn’t just a great source of bulk products. Costco members enjoy discounted prices on everything from groceries and smart home products to top-rated desktop computers and more. You may not think of Costco as a prime destination for high-tech devices and tools, but the store is actually one of the best places to buy technology, like Apple products.

With that in mind, Costco is also a great place to check if you’re in the market for a car tool accessory. One great product that Costco offers for a relatively affordable price is a portable jump starter. They’re excellent tools to keep in your vehicle for emergencies and can make the difference between being stranded for hours and getting home safely. You can pick up a portable jump starter with a built-in power bank from Costco for $79.99. Considering that many auto parts stores sell comparable devices for well over $100, the Costco product could be a great way to save some cash while also helping to prevent yourself from becoming stranded on the side of the road.

Auto safety emergency kit

bridgestone emergency kit

With summer approaching, you may be preparing for road trips and adventures. However, before you can hit the road, there are a few things you should do to ensure your car is road-trip-ready. One of the most important of those steps is to purchase or build an emergency kit. Your kit should include items like emergency signal lights, basic tools, a blanket, water, and some standard first aid supplies.

Costco may be a solid place to purchase items for your kit, as you can buy bulk water bottles, tools, and snacks for reasonable prices. However, you could also choose to buy a pre-built kit. Costco sells one for $49.99. The kit includes a flashlight, a tire inflator, a set of jumper cables, an emergency signal light, and more. Compared to similar products at other stores, the Costco kit is slightly cheaper. One of the convenient things about buying a pre-built kit from Costco is that you can pick up various other products — like water, snacks, blankets, and first aid supplies — to supplement the kit at the same time.

Window sunshade two-pack

type s window sunshade

There are few things worse than walking out to your car after a long day at work only to feel like you’re entering Dante’s Inferno as you climb into the driver’s seat. Summer heat, combined with the greenhouse effect of your car’s windows, can quickly turn your vehicle into a hellish oven. One of the ways to combat that heat is to park in a shady area or use window screens. Window screens or sunshades fit into your car’s windows and prevent the sun’s rays from cooking your vehicle.

You can buy window sunshades at various stores, but Costco sells an affordable two-pack that could be great for drivers in extremely hot and sunny areas. The pack costs $27.99 and includes two three-piece shades, each rated for UPF 50+ UV protection. You can find affordable sunshades at other stores. However, Costco’s two-pack is generally cheaper than most competitors, and many auto parts stores even stock sunshades with prices well over $100. Considering those price differences, the Costco pack could be a worthwhile option for budget-minded shoppers.

Automotive trunk organizer

eurow trunk organizer

If you’re a regular Costco shopper, you know that the store doesn’t give you plastic bags for your products. While that’s great for the environment, it can make carrying groceries to and from your car challenging. Sometimes, the Costco employees will give you a couple of boxes to help carry your stuff. However, that’s just a temporary solution, as cardboard boxes can only handle so many uses before they disintegrate. A better option is to purchase a trunk organizer, preferably one that you can use for storing things inside your vehicle and carrying groceries or other products to and from your car.

Costco sells an automotive trunk organizer for $29.99. It’s water-resistant, so you can carry cold items without the risk of damaging the fabric, and it features various pockets and dividers for storage. The organizer even includes two durable handles, allowing you to carry the device to and from your car easily. While Costco’s trunk organizer isn’t priced too differently from many competitors, it’s still relatively affordable and cheaper than many options you can find at other auto parts stores, and it could be a solid buy for budget-minded members.

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