Milwaukee Tools for Cleaning Your Car: Making the Process a Breeze

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Maintaining your vehicle isn’t just about routine oil changes; you must also clean it periodically for an optimal look. Fast food wrappers, receipts, and that strange odor from the back seat aren’t doing you any favors. And if a stranger has scrawled “Please Wash Me” through the caked-on dirt on the back of your car, it may be time to act. This task can become quite a big project, with more elbow grease than you ever imagined. But keeping your vehicle pristine can be easy if you use the right tools. The timeless words of Allen F. Morgenstern, “work smarter, not harder,” apply here, and you’d be amazed how much easier, faster, and more thorough you can be if you go into the job prepared.

Various car washes offer detailing services, vacuums, and specialty products to make your car shiny inside and out. Unfortunately, these services can be costly, averaging from around $20 to $125, according to Airtasker. In addition, full-service hand-wash services may recommend a tip, increasing the cost even more. An alternative option is to purchase your own tools for a one-time investment and then tackle most of the cleaning project from home. The following products from Milwaukee can help you transform your ride from filthy to fresh. 

M18 Compact Vacuum

Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum With Attachments

This REDLITHIUM-powered M18 Compact Vacuum is an excellent addition to your car detailing kit and is available for $129 from retailers like Home Depot. It offers up to 40 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow for powerful suction and cleaning capability. In fact, Milwaukee advertises it as an ideal tool for cleaning up construction debris, but who doesn’t want some extra power when detailing a car? You can opt for the XC5.0 battery pack for up to 25 minutes of use or choose the HIGH DEMAND 9.0 pack for over forty minutes of continual use per charge. Remember that the battery packs don’t come with the vacuum and must be purchased separately.

The handle is ergonomic and provides both a trigger for more control and a trigger lock if you intend to run the unit continuously. You can also visually see when the vacuum is full through a clear window, displaying the HEPA filter and collected debris. This unit also includes a flexible four-foot hose and attachments for general cleaning or specific applications.

AIR-TIP 3-Piece Automotive Vacuum Tool Kit

Milwaukee AIR-TIP Kit

You will need a powerful vacuum to pull up all the dirt, dust, and other unpleasantries residing in your upholstery. But more importantly, you’ll need the proper attachments to get into every nook and cranny of your car’s interior. The Milwaukee AIR-TIP 3-Piece Automotive Vacuum Tool Kit retails for $119 from outlets like Ace Hardware and includes a Swiveling Brush, an extended narrow attachment, a 3-in-1 tool with a brush and narrow tip, and a handy storage bag.

This product can help you perform a thorough job and help reduce fatigue by offering various attachment options. Need to scrub those floor mats and remove some stuck-on grime? The brush tool fits comfortably in your hand and can help bring back that new car look. Need help to reach in between the seat and center console? The flexible crevice tool can effortlessly clean those hard-to-manage areas of your car’s interior. The 3-in-1 tool offers extra reach, a brush, and a thin tip for even more cleaning tasks. 

M12 12V Lithium-Ion Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander Kit

Milwaukee M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander

After washing and drying the exterior of your vehicle, the next step is polishing, which can make a dramatic difference when done correctly. You can polish by hand, but the results will always be lackluster compared to a power tool offering thousands of rotations with much less effort. However, if you’re new to powered polishers, consider practicing on something other than your car’s exterior to get the hang of it first.

The M12 12V Lithium-Ion Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander Kit 2438-22X by Milwaukee is available from retailers for around $280. It’s cordless and offers various speeds with consistent performance power. The tool provides a variable speed trigger and comfortable grips for the hands to help reduce fatigue over extensive use. The kit also includes a 3-inch polishing backing pad, a wool pad, a white foam pad, a yellow foam pad, and a sanding backing pad. For those looking to buy reliable equipment, there are several stores you probably didn’t realize also sell Milwaukee tools besides Home Depot.

M12 Paint and Detailing Color Match Light

Milwaukee M12 Color Match Light

If you’ve ever worked hard to get your vehicle’s exterior nicely polished only to later discover missed spots, the M12 Paint and Detailing Color Match Light found in stores like Home Depot for $199 is for you. Unfortunately, in some lighting conditions, your car may look immaculate, while in others, it shows imperfections that were invisible to the eye during the job. This tool from Milwaukee helps remove the guesswork and lets you see your exterior under several different color temperatures.

With a robust 1000 Lumens, you can quickly uncover scratches and other areas needing attention. An easy-to-operate dial lets you hold the tool up and change settings with your thumb as you carefully examine your car’s exterior. The different temperature settings help you instantly mimic various lighting conditions throughout the day. This unit boasts a healthy battery life and includes a magnetic backing to store it conveniently. This manufacturer continues to be a popular brand with a reputation for reliable products, prompting more conscientious buyers to look closer at the history of Milwaukee tools.

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