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Recharging a modern EV has more to do with plugging a socket. For starters, there are different charging levels to think about, and not all EVs come with the same charging connectors from the factory. There’s also the element of speed, as DC fast-charging stations have different outputs. Some electric cars like Teslas and Polestars have native apps that help drivers find the appropriate charging stations, but not all EVs have that kind of app support.

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can download the best EV charging apps for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to take the guesswork out of the equation. Downloading an EV charging app will help you find charging stations nearby while getting more nifty info like the charging level (Level 2 or Level 3), the available kilowatts, the current charging rates, and more.

How to choose an EV charging app

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Several EV charging apps exist in the Google Play Store and App Store, but selecting the right one will depend on many factors, like the make and model of your EV, location settings, and more. Even if you have a Tesla or Polestar, having an EV charging app might help avoid longer waiting times by alerting the driver of faulty Superchargers.

Moreover, Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, or Kia EVs qualify for free DC fast-charging at Electrify America charging stations, which makes it more sensible to download the Electrify America app for your electric vehicle. But even if you have an EV that supports native or built-in charging apps, you could still reap benefits using a separate EV charging app that collects relevant charging information from all the available charging stations in a particular area.

In addition, the best charging apps for electric cars have more features to make the transition from gas to EV more enjoyable. Here are some of the best EV charging apps you can download today.

Best network-affiliated charging apps

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Each charging network has its own app that you can use if you prefer one network over another.

Electrify America

Electrify America did its homework on making EVs more accessible to potential buyers: It partnered with more legacy and newer automakers to include free DC fast-charging from its growing fleet of charging stations. Now a subsidiary of German automaker Volkswagen, all VW ID electric cars also get free charging perks from Electrify America. The app initially launched with a few bugs in its system, but constant updates have made the interface smoother and more responsive. Neat features like remotely stopping or starting the charging session, identifying the available charge spots, and live monitoring are all standard.


ChargePoint is among the largest EV charging network in Europe and North America. The app has a 4.5-star rating on Google Play and the App Store. And like Electrify America, the ChargePoint app is excellent if you prefer to stay loyal to a particular network, which ChargePoint has a lot. It boasts over 400,000 charging stations globally, and the list is growing. It’s also compatible with other charging networks (like EVGo) to locate working charging stations and filter the search options by charging speed, charge ports, etc.


The EVGo app is praiseworthy for its excellent user interface. It even has a Reservations feature that enables members to reserve a charging spot for an added fee. Meanwhile, the app can filter the charging stations based on availability, charging speed, or connector type. Moreover, EVGo’s rewards program offers free charging after accumulating points. The EVGo network is not as vast as ChargePoint or Electrify America, but the app is one of the best.

Best EV charging apps

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These apps are not affiliated with any particular network. They pull data from multiple networks to give you the most options.


PlugShare has a 4.7-star rating at the Google Play Store and Apple Store and helps millions of downloaders easily find EV charging stations and Tesla Superchargers with a few clicks and swipes. The best part is that PlugShare aggregates over 600,000 charging networks across the United States, including native providers like Electrify America, EVgo, ChargePoint, Volta, etc. Furthermore, PlugShare has tutorials and live updates, can filter charging stations by plug type, and helps drivers plan their road trips with fewer waiting times. It also has a feature that allows drivers to share their charging experience with other drivers.


ChargeHub has a 4.7-star rating at the App Store and 4.3 at Google Play. The developers call it “every EV driver’s best friend” by helping drivers find directions to public charging stations, live availability from other networks, EV range estimates, and filtering by plug type and charging network. Another merit is ChargeHub’s user-friendly and colorful interface which injects more fun into an otherwise tedious task.

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