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AAWireless Android Auto adapter held in front of dashboard and android auto screen

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In the years since it was introduced, Android Auto has proven itself indispensable for many drivers, making it easier than ever to navigate streets, keep in touch with emails and loved ones, and control music, podcasts, and other media while on the road. With essential Android Auto apps like Waze, Google Maps, and over 240 others at the ready, millions of people have adopted Android Auto. With 150 million cars already compatible with Android Auto, it’s more popular than ever. However, if you own a car that was built between 2016 and 2020, there’s a good chance your vehicle doesn’t natively support wireless Android Auto.

If that’s the case, that doesn’t mean you need to plug in your phone just to get in on all the benefits that drivers with Android Auto enjoy. The AAWireless Android Auto adapter is a dongle that can quickly and automatically connect drivers wirelessly to the infotainment platform, all without needing to physically plug in a cable. Once you start your car, AAWireless will establish a wireless connection to your phone, and you’ll be off to the races. With this simple yet useful device, you can immediately upgrade your car with all that Android Auto has to offer. Even better, you can currently purchase the AAWireless Android Auto adapter for even less by using the code SGAAWL10 to apply a 10% discount on either Amazon or the official AAWireless webshop.

There are several reasons why the AAWireless Android Auto dongle has become so popular and why you should take advantage of this discount and pick one up for your car today.

It keeps everything hands-free

phone can be kept cordless anywhere in the car

Unlike many plug-and-play Android Auto devices, AAWireless connects your phone fully and automatically without the need for a wired connection. You’ll no longer have to plug your phone in and out of your car when you want to use the infotainment platform, which can be great if you’re in a hurry and which can also reduce wear and tear on your smartphone’s charging port. Plus, you can keep your phone wherever you want, whether in your pocket or bag or if you need to charge it while on the road. Furthermore, the sleek matte black dongle takes up little space and has a modern look that fits in line with its modern utility.

It’s fast and very easy to use

phone wirelessly connected to aawireless android auto adapter

The AAWireless Android Auto adapter works right out of the box and can be set up with Bluetooth. Once that’s done, it will automatically connect to your vehicle each time after the first setup, seamlessly letting you use Android Auto from behind the wheel. Plus, it has a fast connection and media transmission, so you won’t need to worry about any lag while streaming Spotify, communicating with Google Assistant, or using any other Android Auto app — even without the use of a cable.

It’s budget-friendly

phone and aawireless android auto adapter in dashboard

If you were worried that using wireless Android Auto in your car would be expensive, you can put those fears to rest. The AAWireless Android Auto dongle makes using wireless Android Auto affordable, giving you an instant upgrade to older infotainment systems without breaking the bank. With the wireless adapter, keeping your vehicle up-to-date with even the newest and most modern apps isn’t a luxury limited to drivers with an unlimited budget — and you can upgrade your car for even less thanks to the current 10% discount on the AAWireless Android Auto adapter that comes with the code SGAAWL10.

It comes with a useful app that provides additional features

aawireless android auto adapter companion app in use

Thanks to its useful and well-designed companion app, the AAWireless Android Auto adapter isn’t a static device that will instantly be obsolete the moment you buy it. Instead, the app will allow you to continuously install firmware upgrades, maintaining compatibility and keeping your Android Auto up to date. Additional features are also included with the app, including DPI changes to your car screen, giving you even more utility out of the adapter. You can even receive customer support through the app, and it can let you know what the LED colors on the dongle indicate in case you forget — giving you everything you need at your fingertips.

The app’s design is also clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and keeping a modern aesthetic appropriate for a 21st-century vehicle. This also makes the initial setup of the AAWireless Android Auto adapter a breeze, with the app guiding you through the brief process with simple instructions and helpful visual aids.

It’s continuously being upgraded

AAWireless adapter and USB-C cable comes in the box

The AAWireless Android Auto adapter is continuously developed and produced in Europe, and firmware updates can keep your dongle up-to-date and secure. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, AAWireless officially entered the global market and became the world’s first and leading wireless Android Auto adapter. With over 100,000 units delivered, AAWireless has brought the wireless Android Auto experience to many satisfied drivers looking to upgrade their older infotainment systems while keeping costs down. Other brands have since entered the market, but AAWireless has stayed ahead of the curve by increasing its compatibility with even the most exotic multimedia units, as well as developing more and more new features available through the adapter’s companion app.

Upgrade today with this discount code

Upgrade your car today for less by taking advantage of the discount code SGAAWL10 to take 10% off the AAWireless Android Auto adapter on either Amazon or the official AAWireless webshop.

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