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Go-karts have always held a special place in the hearts of gearheads and tinkerers. These unique vehicles appeal to techies and DIYers for various reasons. For some, go-karts remind them of happier times spent competing in a parent-child event. For others, go-karts represent a blank canvas, the freedom to explore one’s creativity and dissect various pieces of machinery for salvageable parts. Others simply enjoy going fast.

In years past, go-karts were primarily Frankenstein-like creations, built using scrapped parts from lawnmowers and various other machines. These days, go-karts represent a much wider group of vehicles, from humble home-built experiments to the spirited karts found in amusement park race tracks and even futuristic electric go-karts for kids. If you’re in the market for a go-kart, you could just go out and buy one. But if you’re like us, you believe that building your own kart is half the fun of owning a go-kart in the first place. 

However, that doesn’t mean you must rely on old-school methods to salvage and scrap parts. Thanks to the Internet, you have a virtually unlimited number of options for sourcing go-kart parts. We scoured the web and found five top-rated sites, each with impressive inventories of go-kart parts, engines, and accessories. Let’s dive in and check out these five places online to find go-kart engines and parts.


kart-o-rama storefront

Kart-O-Rama has been supporting the go-kart community for more than 60 years. The company’s headquarters are in Washington State, and its team travels around the Pacific Northwest, sponsoring race teams and lending technical support. Kart-O-Rama also maintains a 4,000-square-foot shop, where it provides maintenance and repair services and sells go-kart parts and supplies. 

The company’s online store stocks a large variety of parts from popular brands, including Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Tillett, and many more. The store provides free shipping — with some exceptions — to all of the continental United States. Kart-O-Rama does not specify whether it ships internationally on its shipping page. However, the company does mention that an international order fee may apply to some products.

The store’s online inventory is impressive and covers everything from go-kart accessories to chassis, engines, safety gear, electronics, and more. In addition to supplying parts, Kart-O-Rama is an excellent source of go-kart information, providing numerous free guides and fact sheets for kart enthusiasts. The company has 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google based on 82 customer reviews. That said, we encountered a few glitches on the website while conducting our research. Keep that in mind, as the laggy site may slow down your shopping process.


gopowersports logo and motto

GoPowerSports (GPS) is a family-owned business located in Fort Worth, Texas. The company prides itself on being owned and run by passionate Go-kart fans, and it claims to exploit that fervor to provide quality parts, service, and information, both in its physical storefront and online. The company offers personalized assistance for shoppers as they determine which parts they need, and its website features a parts breakdown area to help customers identify parts and brand compatibility. 

GoPowerSports provides free shipping on most orders over $500 within the Continental U.S. It mentions that international shipping is a possibility, but you may need to reach out to a representative to confirm. Additionally, GPS provides financing options for its products through PayTomorrow.

GoPowerSports’ online inventory is extensive and features brands like Tillotson, Rascal, and Mega Moto. Its selection of products covers everything from tires and wheels to engines, frame kits, and even custom-built affordable mini motorcycles. Whether you plan to buy a fully-built, ready-to-drive go-kart or you’re looking for parts for your own custom build, GPS may have what you need. The store is well-rated by customers and maintains a TrustSpot score of 8.89/10.

Acceleration Kart Racing

accleration kart racing showroom

Acceleration Kart Racing was founded in 1999 by former professional go-kart racer Curtis Cooksey. The business is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and aims to bridge the gap between recreational enthusiasts and advanced racers. The company is run by a small team of Go-kart professionals and advertises personal support for any and all kart-related questions and needs. One cool thing about the company is its willingness to price match. 

It provides a few exceptions to this rule — clearance items, for example, are not eligible — but claims to offer a low-price guarantee on most items to help its customers get the best bang for their buck. Acceleration provides free shipping on many orders within the continental U.S., while international orders are accepted but do not qualify for free shipping.

The company’s website offers a wide selection of racing-oriented Go-kart parts. Acceleration offers accessories ranging from helmets and gear bags to chassis, engines, and fuel systems. The site even stocks vehicle fluids like oil, as well as safety gear, including jumpsuits, gloves, and racing boots. The business carries parts from popular karting brands, like Briggs & Stratton, Comer, CRG, and Courtney Concepts. Acceleration Kart Racing is well-rated by customers on Google, and the company maintains 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 157 reviews.

Koene logo claims to be the number-one online Go-kart shop, backed up by 40 years of experience. The Koene company was founded in The Netherlands by Martijn Koene, a former professional driver with various championship titles. The company’s U.S. headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and it supplies Go-kart parts and fully-built karts designed for both racing and recreational pursuits. 

In addition to providing parts, Koene also provides engine tuning and rebuilding services. The business offers international shipping and has a large inventory of go-karts, parts, and accessories. Its primary shopping categories include racing karts, racing kart parts, normal go-karts, and standard kart parts, including a wide selection of engines. 

The store is a distributor for various go-kart brands, including OTK, Tony Kart, Kosmic, and Vortex. Additionally, the site stocks racing apparel, fluids and oils, tires, and even tools. The company is well-rated by customers. It has 4.9 out of 5 stars based on nearly 500 user reviews on Trustpilot, and user testimonies praise the company’s service, product quality, and shipping speed.


kartshop banner

KartShop is a Danish go-kart company and an official distributor of OTK Karts and parts. The store is a relative newcomer and only began operating under the KartShop name in 2020. The company is an expansion of the official OTK shop in Denmark, previously known as Kosmic Kart. It aims to function as a one-stop shop for European kart enthusiasts and stocks more than 6,500 parts and accessories. 

While it’s a European company that predominantly serves the EU, KartShop offers international shipping and provides a guarantee on all of its products. The store stocks a vast range of Go-kart parts and accessories, including products from popular brands like Tony Kart, Exprit, LN Kart, and, of course, OTK. 

The company sells fully-built Go-karts, engines, oils and fluids, clothing, and various other Go-kart parts and accessories. Like other sellers on this list, KartShop caters to both advanced racers and casual recreational drivers. It provides a wide selection of items, covering products ranging from helmets and safety gear to tires, hand tools, and batteries. KartShop is well-rated by customers, and the company has 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 587 user reviews.

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