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Jeep Wrangler with accessories at sunset

The Jeep Wrangler has been around for four generations, starting in 1987. In almost four decades of production, the Jeep Wrangler has been featured on many lists of the best off-road SUVs by different automotive publications. That’s why enthusiasts often automatically think of this model when looking for a new ride to take into the backroads.

However, no perfect car exists — even one with the history and pedigree of the Jeep Wrangler. That’s why you can find a healthy aftermarket industry that produces accessories for this popular off-roader. These aftermarket parts include everything from simple custom grille inserts to something as complicated as one of the best engines to put in a Wrangler.

If you want to make your Wrangler stand out from the rest of the Jeeps on the road or trail, you can add some exterior aftermarket parts and turn it into a custom job. We’ve compiled a small selection of the most unique accessories you can add to your Jeep to give it extra personality. Our list includes cosmetic parts and useful accessories, allowing you to enhance the substance or style of your ride. 

Rugged Ridge Spartan Grille

Spartan Grille on Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler has this classic grille design that goes all the way back to the original Willys MB Jeep. However, this meant you could spot a Jeep Wrangler just by its front fascia from over a mile away. Thankfully, you can easily change its look by replacing the grille.

The Rugged Ridge Spartan Grille gives your Wrangler a unique look by removing the seven-slot grille and replacing it with one wide opening. It also gives your Jeep a rugged, angry look by adding slanted eyelids over the typical round headlight openings. The single large opening gives your Jeep better airflow and cooling, which is useful if you plan to or have already upgraded your engine. Aside from that, the Spartan Grille is mostly a cosmetic upgrade.

Although this grille only comes in matte black, you can easily have it painted by a body shop. You can do it yourself if you follow the steps provided in the Spartan Grille installation instructions. Or, if you’re a bit more creative, you can even change the standard black mesh with other designs or again try painting it yourself. 

Barricade HD Drop Side Step Bars

Side Steps on Jeep Wrangler

Side step bars make it easier to access a tall vehicle, providing a step that’s lower than a truck, van, or SUV’s floor. If you’re unfamiliar with them, to get into your car, you place your foot on the side step bar, grab hold of a handle inside the vehicle, and hoist yourself up. Side step bars are recommended for easy access to the vehicle, especially if you raised your Jeep for better off-road performance.

If you’re serious about off-roading, check out the Barricade HD Drop Side Step Bars for extra protection and comfort. These side steps are made from steel tubes and plating, making them durable enough to withstand the rough outdoors. Furthermore, the one-piece design per side can also serve as a rock slider to prevent underbody damage when your Wrangler is crawling over rocks. 

If you frequently face very uneven trails and extreme breakover angles, this accessory is well worth your consideration. It’s not difficult to install and will only take you two to three hours to add to your Jeep. You don’t need any special tools, just a ratchet, a drill, some wrenches, and a few sockets. Then you’re good to go.

Mopar Tube Doors

Wrangler 4xe with tube doors

One of the Jeep Wrangler’s most popular features is its removable door, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while cruising. However, driving around without doors could make you feel unsafe, while the half-door option in 2021’s Wrangler might still be too restrictive.

A great alternative could be to replace the standard doors with the official Mopar Tube Doors. As these tube doors are Mopar branded, they’re OEM parts guaranteed to fit your Jeep. The tube doors also come with a mirror mounting location, ensuring you don’t lose any functionality when setting up your Jeep for off-road use.

These accessories will fit all Jeep Wranglers from 2018 and newer. If you want more protection as you drive towards the starting point of your off-road adventure, you can also get these Mopar Mesh Door Covers. It’s easy to place these mesh covers on before heading to the highway and then fold and stash them in your Jeep just before you hit the trails.

Bestop Trektop Glide Slantback Soft Top

Slantback Soft Top on Jeep

Many Jeeps come with a soft top, allowing you to enjoy nature by rolling up or tucking away the roof. However, when using your Wrangler across all seasons, the hard top option is better to protect you from the elements. If you want an accessory to give you the best of both worlds — a hard-top upgrade but a stylish soft-top for your summer getaways and outdoor adventures – look at the Bestop Trektop Glide Slantback Soft Top. This soft top roof features a unique fastback rear, breaking the boxy look of the Jeep Wrangler.

Furthermore, it uses premium black twill material, which offers the best performance against bad weather or challenging elements while increasing sound insulation and improving durability over vinyl. It’s also a great upgrade from the stock soft top on the Wrangler, especially if that’s been damaged or if it’s already fading due to age.

BunduTop Electric Roof Top Tent

BunduTop tent on Jeep Wrangler

Rooftop tents enhance the camping experience as they provide the additional safety of being up on top of your car when you’re asleep. They’re also easier to set up, as you don’t need to find suitable ground for placing your tent — just find a good parking spot, and you’re good to go. The BunduTop Electric Roof Top Tent hits many of the things you need to consider when buying a rooftop car tent. Its hard shell build makes it durable and more weather-resistant than soft shell tents, and its built-in motor makes it a breeze to set up.

You can get the BunduTop in three different sizes, ensuring you can pick one that will fit your needs. Furthermore, you can option it with solar roof panels and various add-ons like the annex and the suite, giving you extra privacy while camping. If you’re serious about your offroad adventures and want to do it comfortably, you need the BunduTop Electric Roof Top Tent.

Why did we choose these accessories?

Jeep Wrangler with offroad accessories

We picked these products based on user ratings, practicality, and the unique style they bring to your Jeep Wrangler. We also picked different items across a wide price range so you can get an accessory for your vehicle, no matter your budget.

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