Rivian Introduces Unique Camping Kitchen Accessory with New Upgrades

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R2 with Rivian Treehouse and Travel Kitchen

Rivian may have three new EVs on the roadmap, but it’s also promising a fresh batch of accessories that its existing R1T and R1S owners can enjoy too, including a reboot of one of the automaker’s weirdest and most memorable add-ons. The new Rivian Travel Kitchen promises to turn the electric cars into a mobile cook station, tapping the power of the EVs’ own batteries for juice.

If the idea of whipping up some haute cuisine while out in the wilderness sounds familiar, it’s because this isn’t Rivian’s first attempt at the idea of a portable kitchen. Back when it first unveiled the R1T, its original electric truck, one of the more outlandish accessories promised was the Rivian Camp Kitchen. Designed to slot into the EV pickup’s so-called Gear Tunnel — the cross-body storage cubby between the cab and the rear wheels — the Camp Kitchen would slide out and offer a small sink and an induction cook surface.

Rivian Camp Kitchen

It quickly came to symbolize the flexibility of an electric truck platform, tapping the R1T’s own battery for power. Rivian leaned into the idea heavily, too: Meals at the first drive event for the R1T were cooked on the Camp Kitchen, a real-world demonstration of something no gas pickup was offering.

Unfortunately for chefs with a love of the great outdoors, that possibility never actually happened. After a price increase to a hefty $6,750, Rivian pulled the Camp Kitchen from its online store and promised a redesign.

A second attempt, and a smarter design

Rivian Travel Kitchen

Now, the results of that reworking have been revealed, and though it could be overshadowed by the R2 electric SUV debut and the tease of the upcoming R3 and R3X electric crossovers, the new Rivian Travel Kitchen still deserves some attention. For a start, it’s no longer designed to slot into the Gear Tunnel, which means it’ll be compatible with more than just the R1T.

Instead, the Travel Kitchen attaches to the back of Rivian’s models. It’ll also work with the new Rivian Cargo Box. With that storage, the portable kitchen can be added to a Cooler and a Water Tank, the automaker says, along with a special branded cookware set.

Rivian Travel Kitchen

The new mounting system makes a lot of sense, as one body style conspicuous by its absence in Rivian’s R2 and R3 series announcements was a smaller pickup. There’s no R2T or R3T on the cards, it seems, with Rivian sticking with SUV and crossover form factors for now.

The first new Rivian accessories arrive later this year

Rivian Bike Mount

Though the Rivian R2 won’t be going into production until the first half of 2026, the automaker says we won’t have to wait so long for the new Travel Kitchen. That will arrive later in 2024, Rivian promises, along with a new set of Hangout Lights.

It’s not the only new accessory to tide us over as we wait for the R2 and R3/R3X. The Rivian Treehouse is the automaker’s upcoming roof tent, designed to fit on top of its EVs for overlanding-style experiences. As with the kitchen, it’s a nod to the idea that camping needn’t mean sacrificing luxuries: In addition to a sturdy pull-out ladder, there’ll be both an interior fan and a lighting system.

Finally, Rivian is also promising a new, custom Bike Mount. That’ll fit into the Rear Accessory Ports on the automaker’s vehicles and can hold two bikes at once. Pricing for all of the new accessories will be announced closer to their release.

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