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Car trunk organizer

Your car’s trunk can quickly become a junkyard, particularly if you don’t clean it out periodically. Depending on what you use your car for, you might want to keep items like a change of clothes, snacks, and a first aid box handy. Other emergency tools worth keeping in your trunk include a tire inflator, spare tire, jack and wrench kit, jumper cables, flashlight, and jump starter kit.

All of this doesn’t even include the other stuff that you may put in the trunk, like groceries and shopping bags. Given that a car’s trunk is essentially a large empty space, having so many things lying around can make it hard to find what you need, particularly in an emergency.

That’s where a car trunk organizer comes in. These organizers come in the form of a box or a hanging storage with multiple compartments and pockets, making it easy to have a dedicated spot for everything. Car trunk organizers fasten securely to the carpet by way of Velcro strips or straps that attach to the rear seats, so you don’t have to worry about them moving around and spilling their contents.

If you’re in the market for a car trunk organizer, we’ve shortlisted some of the best options you can buy on Amazon. All the products on this list have at least a 4.5-star rating and thousands of user reviews. You can find a detailed explanation of our selection criteria at the end of this article.

FORTEM car trunk organizer

Fortem car trunk organizer

The FORTEM car trunk organizer has 4.7 stars on Amazon and over 40,000 ratings and reviews. It’s a sturdy box with a baseplate to keep the side panels standing up, and includes three internal compartments, plus multiple side and mesh pockets. The base has Velcro strips to keep the organizer in place, and you also have the option to secure it to your trunk using the adjustable straps.

The box can be compressed into a smaller size, and if you need more space, you can link an additional organizer using the buckles. It also comes with a removable lid, and the internal divider can be removed to make two big compartments. When not in use, the organizer can be collapsed to the size of a laptop bag.

Amazon customers say the FORTEM trunk organizer is sturdy and provides plenty of storage, which is great for keeping your car cleaner and more organized. When it comes to the negatives, users say the lid is quite flimsy and attaches using Velcro, which makes it difficult to put on and take off. In addition, the handles aren’t strong enough to bear the weight of the organizer when it’s fully loaded.

The FORTEM car trunk organizer is listed for $25 on Amazon and comes in Black, Beige, Blue, Desert Camo, Forest Camo, Grey, and Pink Colors. You can also get it in Large ($35) and Extra Large ($45) sizes.

SURDOCA car trunk organizer

Surdoca car trunk organizer

The SURDOCA car trunk organizer is a great option if you want extra storage without compromising on cargo space. This organizer has 4.5 stars on Amazon, with over 25,000 ratings and reviews. The SURDOCA organizer attaches to the back of the rear car seats and hangs over them, leaving the trunk free for additional storage.

The organizer has straps that attach to the rear headrests and four Velcro strips that keep it in place. There are a total of eight compartments, with four mesh pockets at the bottom and four sleeves at the top, two of which come with a lid. The organizer is waterproof and machine washable too.

Amazon reviews say that the organizer is easy to install and stays in place. The pockets are roomy and the material is good quality. On the flip side, this organizer isn’t ideal if you have a car with 60/40 split folding rear seats, such as the Honda CR-V. Additionally, the size is smaller than in the pictures, so you might need to select the larger variant if you have a bigger car.

The SURDOCA car trunk organizer is listed for $20 on Amazon ($25 for the XL version). It comes in Black, Beige, Gray, Orange, Pink, and Army Green colors.

Homeve car trunk organizer

Homeve car trunk organizer

The Homeve car trunk organizer has 4.7 stars on Amazon, with over 14,500 ratings and reviews. The organizer is a storage box type with three internal compartments. You can remove the dividers to create two compartments or one big compartment. The outside has four mesh pockets and a bag for additional storage.

The Homeve organizer has Velcro strips at the bottom to hold it in place and two handles on the sides. It can be folded in half if you want a smaller box, or collapse completely if you need cargo space in your trunk. The bottom features a waterproof material to prevent spills. There’s also reflective tape on the sides that makes it easier to see in the dark, which also makes it ideal for storing your car’s emergency tools.

Amazon buyers say the trunk organizer is easy to fold into a smaller box and use in the front seat if needed. The material is sturdy and the Velcro strips are strong enough to prevent the box from sliding. However, some users found that the handles and Velcro strips come apart over time. The Homeve car trunk organizer is listed for $23 on Amazon and is available in Black, Blue, Gray, and Red colors.

Oasser car trunk organizer

Oasser car trunk organizer

The Oasser car trunk organizer has over 10,500 ratings and reviews on Amazon, with an average of 4.8 stars. The organizer has a total capacity of 55 liters and comes with three inner compartments with removable dividers. Outside, there are four mesh bags and a flap pocket for smaller items.

The Oasser organizer has a thickened baseplate with Velcro strips at the bottom. There’s a removable lid and a reflective band to make it easier to spot at night. The trunk can be folded in half for a more compact storage option that fits in the front or rear seat. The product is made of a waterproof material and can be wiped clean.

Amazon customers seem to be largely happy with this organizer, particularly the durable material and Velcro fasteners. There are a few negatives though — some users felt that the size appeared smaller than advertised, particularly for SUV trunks. Others complained that the handles weren’t sturdy enough.

The Oasser car trunk organizer is listed for $24 on Amazon. It’s also available in Large ($39) and Extra Large ($50) sizes.

Drive Auto Products car trunk organizer

Drive Auto Products car trunk organizer

The Drive Auto Products car trunk organizer is one of the most popular products in its category on Amazon, with over 70,000 ratings and reviews and an average of 4.7 stars. This trunk organizer comes with tie-down straps that securely fasten to either the rear seats or the anchor points located in the trunk.

There are three inner compartments with removable dividers. Outside, there are four mesh pockets, one sleeve, and one flap pocket. The organizer can be used at its full capacity, folded in half, or compressed for easy storage. It has a stiff baseplate and is made of a waterproof material.

Amazon customers say that the organizer has enough room for all the important things you need to keep in your trunk. It’s also quite durable, with one user saying the product is still in good shape after 18 months. However, it’s worth noting that a small percentage of users complained about the material having a strong chemical smell that wouldn’t go away. The Drive Auto Products car trunk organizer is listed for $25 on Amazon and comes in Black, Gray, and Tan colors.

Methodology: how we selected the products for this article

Hanging car trunk organizer

A quick search on Amazon will reveal hundreds of results for car trunk organizers. In order to choose the items for this list, we considered two factors. The first was how many stars a product had. Every product on this list has an average rating of 4.5 stars and above.

The second factor was the number of reviews. We only picked products that had a large number of user reviews, since car organizers are popular products. All the items have at least 10,000 reviews. We also weighed the pros and cons of each product and made sure the number of positives outweighed any negatives that users experienced.

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