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There is no doubt that choosing the right car speakers can make a big difference in how you enjoy music, and that means picking a good brand and knowing the things to look for when shopping for new car speakers.

In a nutshell, there are two main kinds of car speakers — coaxial (full-range) speakers with all components housed in one unit and component speakers that allow for more customization with separate woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers. Each type has its distinct audio characteristics and installation requirements. But at the end of the day, sound quality is the most important thing. How loud a speaker can get with how much power is one thing to look at. This is called sensitivity. If a speaker has high sensitivity, it doesn’t need much power to be loud. Another thing to think about is power handling, which is how much power a speaker can use without getting damaged.

Another way to do it is to rely on user reviews. To find the best speaker brands, we read many reviews from people who bought them on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. We looked at what they said about the sound, how long the speakers last, if they’re easy to put in, and if they’re worth the money. We looked at the average rating, as well. While there is a more detailed version of how we researched for this article at the end, here are five of the top car speaker brands according to top reviews.


Pioneer car speaker

Pioneer is a big name in car speakers, known for making great sounds since 1938. That’s almost 85 years! They started in a garage in Japan and have been making cool audio stuff ever since. From the first high-fidelity dynamic speaker, the A-8, to introducing the world’s first component car stereo in 1975, Pioneer has accomplished a lot in their time. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that they have some of the best-reviewed speakers.

A good example is the Pioneer TS-F1634R, which has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and over 6,200 reviews. These are 6.5-inch two-way coaxial speakers with a peak power of 200W and nominal power of 25W RMS — not exactly high-end, but decent for a speaker that only costs $30. Another neat feature is their special cone made of IMPP, a tough but light material, which also helps them sound great, especially at high sound pressure levels. Pioneer’s advertising for this speaker shows a frequency response range of 31 Hz to 16 kHz, which is great for both highs and lows, with a maximum SPL output of 88 dB.

According to reviews, the TS-F1634R is pretty easy to install and works well with all sorts of music. But it’s not perfect. The bass might not be as deep as some people want because the magnets inside are small. Also, there are no high-performing tweeters, so some sounds might not be as clear based on some reviews.


Kicker 2-Way Car Stereo Speakers

Much like Pioneer’s start, Kicker also has its origins in a small garage in Stillwater, Oklahoma, way back in 1973. Fast forward to today, Kicker employs over 200 people and operates out of a sprawling 280,000-square-foot facility. Kicker products, known for power handling and innovations, are distributed through 1,200 dealers in the USA and exported to over 50 countries. Growth like this doesn’t come without putting out quality products; they have the reviews to show for it.

Take the Kicker DSC650 2-Way Car Stereo Speakers with 4.6 stars on Amazon from over 2,600 ratings — a 6-1/2-inch speaker that has become a go-to replacement for factory-installed speakers. These $80 speakers feature a two-way design with a polypropylene woofer and a PEI-balanced dome tweeter. This combination ensures a dynamic sound range, with the woofer handling the lower frequencies and the tweeter taking care of the highs. Notably, these speakers are designed to produce hefty volume, even when paired with low-powered factory radios.

The DSC650’s tech specs are impressive, too: a frequency range of 40-20,000 Hz, a sensitivity of 90 dB, and a power range of up to 60 watts RMS (240 watts peak power). The speakers’ 4-ohm impedance and top-mount depth of 1-13/16-inch means they fit in most cars without needing to drill new holes. According to Kicker, the speaker also comes with a two-year warranty. The Kicker CSC65 Coaxial Speakers (also priced at $80) is another highly-rated pair from the same brand that’s worth checking out.


JBL car audio speaker

It’s hardly a surprise that JBL is on this list because they’ve been making great speakers since 1946. JBL was later bought by Harmon Kardon in 1969, and Samsung Electronics bought Harmon in 2017. Regardless of changing hands, there is little doubt that JBL has made good consumer and automotive speakers. In fact, JBL is Toyota’s official audio systems provider. You can also find multiple highly rated JBL car speakers to replace your stock ones.

Take the JBL GTO629 and JBL Club series speakers. These are some of JBL’s top car speakers with 4.5 stars each on Amazon from 4,200 and over 12,700 ratings, respectively. The GTO629 is an $84 two-way speaker, which means it has a mid-range speaker and a tweeter for high sounds. Reviews show that it fits in most cars and is strong, thanks to its design. It’s also got a clever setup that makes the sound stronger without needing more power.

The GTO629’s tweeter is also widely appreciated in reviews. It uses a strong magnet, and the UniPivot system in these speakers allows almost 360-degree rotation of the tweeter. This helps direct the sound better. Users report it’s super light but tough and still packs a punch. With a design that helps with clear and deep sound, they can also handle a lot of power. They’re great if you love clear music. However, some customers recommend bass blockers, an amp, and speakers.


KFC-1666S car speaker

Kenwood is another well-known car speaker brand that started in Japan in 1946 and became even bigger in 2008 when it joined forces with JVC. This partnership led to some great products and a big role in the audio world. Case in point, Kenwood speakers are famous for their strong build and great sound, and they use top-notch materials, making them last long and sound great.

The 4.5-star Kenwood KFC-1666S car speaker model available on Amazon is a good example of what Kenwood offers. Customers review that these speakers give a strong bass and clear sound. According to testimonials, they seem to have a special tweeter for high notes and can handle a lot of power without losing sound quality.

The audiophiles out there will appreciate the KFC’s spec sheet, especially for a pair of car speakers that costs around $50: This 6-1/2-inch two-way speaker system has polypropylene cones for solid midbass and dynamic midrange, coupled with a 1-inch PEI balanced dome tweeter. Not only does this model handle up to 30 watts RMS (300 watts peak power) with an impedance of 4 ohms, but it also maintains a frequency response of 40-22,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 90 dB.

Kenwood speakers, like the KFC-1666S and KFC-6966S, are top-reviewed and great for anyone who loves good sound in their car. They’re not too expensive, considering their quality. This makes them a good choice for those who want great sound without spending too much.

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 car speakers

A strange coincidence pops up when it comes to top-reviewed car speaker brands, where a significant number of them had their beginnings in a garage. On that note, Jim Fosgate was working in his garage when he figured out something important about how we hear sounds — how much-perceived sound is different from actual sound and the relationships between frequency and volume. This led to the creation of the first car audio amplifier, the Frequency Energizer, which evolved into the renowned Punch EQ. Over the years, they’ve made speakers that can handle a lot of noise and still sound great.

Let’s look at two of their more popular speakers: the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1675 and the Rockford Fosgate R165X3, both of which have 4.6 stars on Amazon from over 4,000 and 7,000 ratings, respectively. The Punch P1675 is highly reviewed for being well-built and sounding smooth yet loud. These are 6.75-inch speakers that are easy to put in your car. They are a bit more expensive compared to other options, at around $85.

The R165X3, which you can find for $140, is another great option — these 6.5-inch speakers come with a peak power of 90-watt each, featuring a rubber surround, vacuum polypropylene cones, a silk dome, and a Piezo tweeter and midrange. The package also includes speaker grilles and mounting hardware. With a maximum power level of 200 watts, these speakers are highly rated for improving audio quality significantly over standard car speakers.


person installing car speakers

Research for this article was a blend of quantitative data like average user ratings and genuine user experiences taken from customer reviews on Amazon and Walmart. This meant going through reviews to gauge sound quality, reliability, and durability. We also considered the ease of installation, taking into account the user-reported complexity of fitting these speakers into different car models. After narrowing down the list to the top reviewed speakers and their brands, we also looked at the manufacturers’ websites for brand history and tech specs to pick the best overall. Mindful of making our picks widely accessible, we limited our focus to speakers priced under $200.

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