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It doesn’t matter whether you own an old or new ride. You’ll always crave the best possible driving experience from it. Thankfully, you don’t always need to replace your car with a newer model to enjoy the latest tech innovations in vehicles. With the perfect technology add-on, you can readily transform it into a sleeker, more intuitive, and personalized machine.

Auto tech companies know this and have launched a vast market of extremely cool tech gadgets to pimp your ride and upgrade your daily driving escapades. From basic USB cables to user-friendly phone holders and state-of-the-art stereo systems, auto aftermarket systems are teeming with helpful tech accessories.

Of course, one of the downsides is cramming your car’s space and over-engineering your vehicle could distract you when driving. Plus, it will also dig too deep into your pocket in terms of finances. Thankfully, you can comfortably turn every ride into a thrilling, comfy, and fun-filled experience with a few accessories. Since the challenge is selecting the perfect add-ons, here are five must-have tech accessories you want to always have in your car.

Stereo Systems/Navigation Interfaces

Apple CarPlay on infotainment screen

Some vehicles come with built-in stereo systems. However, these systems are often below par, except if you ride an expensive machine. That’s why top tech companies like Google and Apple designed stereo systems like Android Auto and CarPlay. Advanced stereo systems allow you to connect your smartphone to your automobile’s infotainment system. While driving hands-free, they allow you to readily access calls, messages, and even software like GPS, music, and internet browsers.

Many new cars support stereo interfaces like Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. But what if you ride an older clunker? You’re still not out of luck. Plenty of helpful stereo systems can serve your vehicle, with prices ranging from budget-friendly to luxury purchases. Stereos come in two standard sizes: single-DIN and double-DIN. Single-DINs are 7 inches wide and 2 inches tall, while double-DIN stereos are 7 inches wide and 4 inches tall. However, you can find single and double-DIN stereos with a little more or less inches in width or height. 

Additionally, you can navigate through Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze while cruising hands-free to your destination using voice command controls on both Android Auto and CarPlay interfaces. Besides providing voice-guided directions, these systems offer real-time traffic updates and 3D mapping systems. You can also locate local spots, like the next gas station or restaurants. If you don’t mind spending extra cash, you can get advanced systems with unique features like speed limit alerts and lane guidance.


dashboard camera mounted in car

Safety has to be a priority when dealing with any form of technology. That’s why every car should have a camera system. Although most high-end cars have backup cameras for assisting with reversing, these cameras typically don’t record footage. That’s why a dashcam could make an invaluable addition to your vehicle, whether or not you already have a backup camera system. A dashcam is a small device that allows you to record the road and possibly the inside of the vehicle while driving. Dashcams help you park your vehicle correctly, increase environmental visibility, and keep other road users in check.

In the unpleasant event of a car theft or accident, footage from your automobile’s dashcams can provide sufficient evidence for the government authorities or insurance provider when prosecuting the offender. Since they’re versatile, you could purchase more than one and place them strategically to aid and record your rearview, blind spot view, or any other location you consider essential. Like your everyday camera, dashcams come in various shapes and sizes for any budget. You can choose among recording capacities ranging from 720p to 4K in resolution and varying storage capacities. Depending on your preference, these cameras are highly intuitive and can store contents on an SD card, local software, or directly to your device for easy access.

Wireless smartphone chargers and phone mounts

smartphone mount in car

Wireless chargers let car owners ditch the burden of going about with pesky wires and cables without worrying about their batteries going flat. Of course, the mount itself requires a power supply. But connecting your smartphone to the mount frees you from dealing with tangling phone chargers while on the road. Some modern cars have a built-in wireless charger. However, if you purchase or own a car that doesn’t feature one, many aftermarket wireless car chargers can serve as a substitute.

Besides letting you charge your smartphone wirelessly, advanced wireless car chargers double as phone holders. Some cutting-edge brands like iOttie’s wireless charging mounts and those with Apple’s MagSafe technology have auto-senses and a magnetic feature that lets you snap your device to the charger without shifting too much while driving. Also, know that wireless charging is still an emerging technology. You want to ensure you get a wireless car charger that fits your device’s size and needs to avoid wasting money.

Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

TPMS in car dashboard panel

It’s easy to hop into your car whenever needed and hit the streets without checking the tires. However, it’s best to do a quick walk-around to ensure no tires are flat and the car is in good shape. The tire pressure monitoring system, also called TPMS, is what it sounds like. It tells you the pressure of each vehicle tire and lets you know if it’s getting too low, even if it doesn’t look like it.

There are a few different types of TPMS. Some systems let you mount sensors on the wheels and transmit tire pressure data to a display inside the vehicle. Others use sensors built inside the four tires to share sensory data wirelessly with the TPMS display.

Make sure to check your tires when they’re cold. That’s when the tire has been driven less than a mile for an accurate pressure gauge. If a tire is low on air, you can always perform proper tire inflation using a portable tire inflator and safely drive to your destination. Good tire health enhances safety, fuel efficiency, performance, and life. So, installing a good TPMS in your vehicle is worth the money, if not more.

Amazon Echo Auto (2nd Gen)

amazon echo auto installed in car

Echo Auto is a hands-free Alexa accessory designed for your car, enhancing your driving experience. If your vehicle lacks a built-in voice assistant, this USB-powered Bluetooth device serves as an alternative, allowing you to play music, make calls, respond to text messages, and perform other tasks without diverting your attention from the road. The initial Echo Auto version from Amazon featured a broad and flat design. However, the 2nd Gen Echo Auto boasts a more sleek and compact design that seamlessly integrates into your car’s interior, making installation and storage effortless.

The microphone capsule is tuned to capture your voice despite road noise. Positioned above the microphone, a light bar illuminates in blue when activating Alexa, green for incoming calls, yellow for new notifications, orange for a lost internet connection, red when muting the microphone, and purple to indicate a failed initial setup. Moreover, if you’re immersed in the Alexa ecosystem, you gain the ability to remotely control smart devices in your home — from lights to washing machines and locks – all while driving.

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