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Tremec TKO transmission transparent display

Tremec is a popular transmission company that makes several products for cars, agricultural equipment, and heavy-duty industrial applications. From high-torque capacity manual transmissions and heavy-duty truck transmissions, to high-performance dual clutch gearboxes, they’re renowned for their aftermarket applications. They also have several transmissions in OEM vehicles. Tremec’s eight-speed TR-9080 dual clutch transmission is what puts power to the ground in the C8 Corvette. The Dodge Challenger uses a Tremec TR-6060 for its R/T, Scat Pack, and Hellcat models. The Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang GT350, and Mustang Shelby GT500 sports cars all use various Tremec transmissions.

Founded in 1964, Tremec produced transmissions for Ford, GM, and Chrysler in Mexico. They made three and four-speed transmissions in their early days, but eventually transitioned to five and six-speed transmissions after purchasing the transmission manufacturer BorgWarner. That’s where products like the TKO 5-Speed Manual Transmission come in.

The TKO 5-speed manual transmission is built by Tremec for older muscle car owners who wish to convert their three or four-speed transmissions to five-speeds — Tremec also offers the Magnum for six-speed applications. But just how much power can the TKO 5-speed handle? And is it the best option for your build? Let’s dive in.

The TKO 5-Speed specs

Tremec TKO Transmission breakdown display

According to Tremec, the TKO 5-Speed is their most popular five-speed transmission. It’s rated to handle as much as 600 pound-feet of torque in most applications, which is plenty for most engine builds. It can reliably be shifted at engine speeds as high as 6,200 rpm. The TKO weighs just 99 pounds without any fluids in it, and it has multiple locations for mounting the shifter. In general, that’s a benefit for buyers because not all muscle car bodies are the same. The location for mounting your shifter can be unique depending on which car you’re attaching it to.

There are also multiple gearing options for the TKO, and multiple speedometer pickups (both electrical and mechanical). Unfortunately, none of the available versions of the TKO come with clutch housing, but Tremec does offer those separately if you need it. Tremec offers all sorts of components like slip yokes, short input shaft kits, and mid-shift conversion kits, as well as their own manual-transmission fluid. Not bad if you’re looking for a one-stop shop.

Other Tremec transmissions

Tremec Magnum Transmission

While the TKO 5-Speed is certainly a versatile transmission, it won’t cover everyone’s needs. If you want to go with a five-speed transmission for your build, but you can use a transmission with lower torque ratings (below 300 pound-feet), there’s the T-5. For higher-rev shifting — with engine speeds as high as 8,000 rpm and shifts as high as 7,500 rpm — there’s the TKX. The Magnum-F is designed to replace T56 transmissions in F-body GM products from 1998-2002 — it can handle as much as 700 pound-feet of torque.

Known originally as the TR-6060, the standard Magnum is a six-speed transmission that can also handle 700 pound-feet of torque. According to Tremec, it weighs just 135 pounds without fluids. It uses the OEM technology and popular features from the TKO 5-Speed, like the multiple shifter locations and the dual speedo pickups. Finally, there’s the Magnum XL, which eliminates the Magnum’s multiple shifter locations and dual speedo outputs, simplifying things for owners who want to replace their OEM five or six-speed transmission.

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