Harbor Freight Ramps: Your Key to the Next Off-Road Adventure

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Some people live to hit the great outdoors for an adventure, and a segment of that group prefers that those outdoor adventures be conducted atop a mud-spattered vehicle with two wheels or even four. Off-roaders in the latter category have no doubt spent some time figuring out which vehicles best suit their off-roading needs and which accessories can best protect them from the elements and physical harm. 

Though it’s undoubtedly less important than one’s physical safety, another factor off-roaders need to think about when the call of the wild beckons is how to get their dirt bike or ATV into the out-of-doors arena. A pickup truck, trailer, or other off-road-ready vehicle is generally necessary to transport dirt bikes and ATVs, but the pickup set can attest that a ramp is required to load in and out of the bed. But you may not know that you can buy a ramp for your next off-road adventure from Harbor Freight Tools, which offers several models fit for any pickup truck. Here are a few Harbor Freight ramps that off-road enthusiasts should consider checking out. 

HAUL-MASTER 1,000-Pound Capacity Tri-fold Loading Ramp

Harbor Freight loading ramp

Harbor Freight boasts an extensive product line of HAUL-MASTER ramps in several shapes and sizes. That means you’ll need to consider which best suits your needs, taking into account factors like your vehicle’s weight and wheel configuration. And don’t forget about the size and height of your truck and your capability to store your ramp when you’re on the road. 

If storage ability is a concern, Harbor Freight’s HAUL-MASTER Tri-Fold Loading Ramp is a durable and well-reviewed option that is fit for any off-road ATV adventure. As the item’s name states, the ramp folds over in three places, transforming from 72 inches at full extension to a very storable 26 inches when collapsed. The dual ramp is constructed of 14 gauge carbon steel with a galvanized steel finish, with each ramp capable of supporting 500 pounds each and up to 1,000 pounds together. They even come with sturdy carrying handles for easy transportation, and at $109.99, Harbor Freight’s Tri-fold Ramp won’t break the bank. 

Despite earning largely positive customer reviews, some feel the Tri-fold loading ramp is difficult to maneuver. Others who purchased the ramp claim the ramps aren’t sturdy enough and question its ability to handle the noted weight. Even at such a buyer-friendly cost, those concerns are worth considering before buying one yourself. 

HAUL-MASTER 1,200-Pound Capacity Convertible Loading Ramp

Harbor Freight loading ramp

The tri-fold version of the HAUL-MASTER is a solid fit for the ATV set, but it may not be the best ramp for those who get their off-road kicks on two wheels. The good news is that Harbor Freight’s HAUL-MASTER line also has a couple of solid options for the dirt bike set, with its Convertible Aluminum Loading Ramp serving as one of the sturdiest and most affordable options. The ramp is also recommended by 95% of customers who have bought it.

The aluminum loading ramp can be purchased for $200, and its sturdy frame can support up to 1,200 pounds, which should be more than enough to handle most dirt bikes. The 72-inch ramp’s dual construction makes it easy to walk up one side while pushing your motorcycle up the other and can be folded over length-wise for easy storage. The ramps can even be separated for individual use, making this HAUL-MASTER one of the most versatile in Harbor Freight’s line.

However, according to some reviews, the ramp’s aluminum construction isn’t quite as sturdy as they’d hoped for, and some users even questioned the ramp’s weight rating. That being the case, potential buyers will surely want to think about these potential issues before purchasing.    

HAUL-MASTER Tri-Fold 1,500-Pount Capacity Ramp

Harbor Freight loading ramp

If you’re comfortable with a ramp in the $200 price range and are okay with sacrificing a bit of storage space in favor of maximum tailgate coverage, the HAUL-MASTER Tri-fold 1,500-Pound Capacity Loading Ramp may be your best option. At $189.99, it costs $10 less than its convertible aluminum counterpart. The tri-fold ramp’s interconnected design ensures it also covers more of your truck’s tailgate, with a ladder rung design making it relatively easy to guide your dirt bike or ATV up and into any load-ready truck bed. 

At 69 inches, this ramp is a touch shorter than other HAUL-MASTER items, and since this version doesn’t fold in half, you will need to sort out a storage area that can support its length. However, the ramp folds over length-wise to a width of just 14 inches, meaning users will save some space there. Unfolded, the 14 gauge formed aluminum ramp supports up to 1,500 pounds, with the combo of width and weight capacity, which some customers feel makes it ideal for loading and unloading an ATV.

Unfortunately, some who purchased this HAUL-MASTER tri-fold ramp for motorcycles feel it’s not as well equipped for vehicles with two wheels. Like the other items on this list, some customers also question the ramp’s durability and weight capacity, so that’s food for thought if you’re interested.        

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