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AAWireless Android Auto dongle.

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Google’s Android Auto software, despite all the conveniences that it brings to your car, comes with a compatibility and a wired connection hassle. It’s inconvenient, and gets especially frustrating to see that Android Auto has now progressed to the wireless connection model, while your car is stuck with a mere wired option. Thankfully, the AAWireless Android Auto adapter offers a fitting solution to get rid of that unwieldy cable. All you need to do is plug the USB-C adapter and it will sync with your phone in no time. It’s compact, requires pairing over a Bluetooth lane for audio routing, and then automatically connects your phone to the car’s Android Auto infotainment system over Wi-Fi following the initial setup.

There’s a companion app in tow that grants access to a wider range of Android Auto controls, paving the way to receive OTA updates. User reports note the lack of significant learning curve to operate. Latency doesn’t appear to be a problem, either. Another notable benefit is that you can keep your phone wherever you want when you’re on the go — something that comes in handy when you want to pay at the drive-thru or pass your phone to one of your passengers. 

Developed by a Dutch company and manufactured in Europe, AAWireless stands out from the pack with an outstanding user experience. If you’ve been looking for a device that offers the wireless Android Auto convenience, you’re in luck, as the company is running a limited period discount of up to 25% that lasts through December 20.

Save 25% on an AAWireless adapter this holiday season

The kit comes with a USB-C cable, so you don’t have to look around for one in your desk or spend extra cash to buy one. Another advantage is the free wired connection format, compared to rivals. Take for example the Motorola A1, which is more expensive and also held back by a fixed USB-A cable. With the AAWireless adapter, you can pick a cable of any length, plug it, and discretely place the device in a comfortable place.

In terms of compatibility it’s quite simple: You need a phone with Android 11 or higher and a car that supports Android Auto. The companion app will boost you through the installation process so you don’t have to worry about that. 

The official online shop serving the US and EU markets is currently offering the AAWireless adapter at up to 25% off, bringing the price down to $52.49. Thankfully, the company can deliver worldwide, complete with a promise of fulfilling shipments within a week. There’s also a 30-day return policy, a 14-day refund policy, and a two-year product warranty.

The limited-period discounts are being doled out as part of a Christmas sale, so you might want to grab it before it expires on December 20.

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