CES Sponsored: AAWireless Unveils Updated Wireless Android Auto Adapter

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AAWireless 2 adapter

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Last month, AAWireless announced a more user-friendly successor to its popular Android Auto wireless adapter at CES 2024, the annual trade show in Las Vegas that showcases some of the best new consumer electronics. The AAWireless 2 will offer customers the same connectivity its predecessor does, along with new features and other upgrades.

Android Auto is compatible with over 150 million cars, though many of them — especially those built between 2016 and 2020 — don’t natively support wireless Android Auto. With the AAWireless Android Auto adapter, drivers can take advantage of the useful platform while keeping their hands free and their phone untethered to their vehicle. Using Android Auto and over 240 compatible apps like Waze and Google Maps, the adapter makes it easier than ever to navigate roads, control music and other media, and check emails and other messages while behind the wheel.

The AAWireless 2 offers all these benefits while also being smaller and more compact than the original, giving you more room on your dashboard. Measuring just 54 by 32 mm, the AAWireless 2 still packs a ton of features into its small, stylish matte black frame. The biggest upgrade to this new product is a multifunctional button that allows users to enter pairing mode and easily switch between different phones, perfect for families that share the same vehicle or if your passenger is navigating or wants to control the tunes while you take care of the driving. This new button is large and easy to spot thanks to a stylish LED halo that surrounds it.

This makes the adapter easier to use than ever, with the AAWireless 2 continuing to provide a stable and fast wireless connection to Android Auto that customers have come to expect from AAWireless. Plus, the adapter will eventually feature wireless CarPlay support for iPhone users. Once a beta period that has been gradually rolled out over recent months is concluded, customers with the AAWireless 2 will be able to take advantage of CarPlay support via OTA updates. You can subscribe to the pre-order list for the AAWireless 2 on the company’s website.

The AAWireless 2 was designed with customer feedback in mind

AAWireless 2 with matt black casing and LED halo highlighted

Before working on the AAWireless 2, AAWireless gathered feedback from customers who were already using the company’s first-generation Android Auto wireless adapter. AAWireless incorporated this feedback into the device’s design, leading to changes like making it smaller and more compact. AAWireless is a Dutch company that introduced its namesake product — the world’s first and leading wireless Android Auto adapter — after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Both the AAWireless 2 and its predecessor were designed with the same goal — making wireless Android Auto easy and affordable. “Our focus is to make wireless Android Auto available in as many countries as possible,” stated CEO Emil Borconi-Szedressy. “While there are so many Android Auto users worldwide, most of them don’t know about this technology yet.”

The AAWireless 2 doesn’t have a set release date yet, though it’s expected to be released in late Q2 or early Q3 of this year. Until then, the AAWireless 1, currently available on Amazon and the company’s webstore, will remain supported through regular firmware updates — even after the release of the AAWireless 2.

You can join the pre-order list for the AAWireless 2 on the AAWireless website.

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