Top Toyota Cargo Accessories for Every Adventure

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Toyota RAV4 parked offroad

The Toyota RAV4 is a reliable, practical, and versatile SUV. However, different drivers have different requirements — that’s why you need the right cargo accessories to ensure that your RAV4 will deliver what you need and fit your lifestyle perfectly, no matter what you do.

When you look for RAV4 accessories, you’ll find many available options. However, picking the right one could be complicated, as many of them focus on different lifestyles. For example, some accessories are perfect for activities like off-roading and camping, but aren’t great for carrying groceries from the store, packing your kid’s muddy shoes after soccer practice, or securing your dog after a weekend walk in the park.

These are the best RAV4 cargo accessories that are great for all kinds of activities. These items will work well for the weekday commute in the city, and the weekend jaunt in the wilderness, making your RAV4 ready for any adventure.

Cargo mat or cargo liner

Person with dog behind RAV4

A cargo mat is one of the most practical accessories for your RAV4. It’s so useful that it’s also one of the most popular accessories many RAV4 owners buy. Rubber cargo mats protect the carpet lining of your RAV4’s cargo compartment and are easy to remove and clean.

With this accessory, you ensure that your carpet cargo liner will stay dry, whether you’re packing up your stuff after a wet day on the trail, or carrying frozen meat for tonight’s barbecue. Cargo mats are also durable, so even if you have heavy and pointy items in the back of the car — like a mountain bike or a baby’s stroller — you don’t damage the original carpet and keep it pristine.

If you already drive the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Woodland Edition (which already includes a cargo mat), and want to take your protection a notch further, consider getting a cargo liner instead. This accessory adds a protective cover for the back of the rear seats. Whether you stuff your muddy camping tent in the cargo compartment, or your wet dog climbs in the back and jumps on the seats, your car is protected from spills and scratches.

Trunk hatch lights

LED lights installed in SUV trunk

While most SUVs like the RAV4 have a small LED light built into the cargo bay, RAV4 Resource says it’s not enough to light up the entirety of the back. Many other posts on Reddit also corroborate issues with the hatch lights being relatively dim. This makes it difficult to rummage through your belongings, whether in a dark parking lot or under a moonless night on the trail.

To make it easier to find what you need, especially if you’re carrying many items in your RAV4’s trunk, you should install additional light sources. One option is to install trunk hatch lights, which are hard-wired into your car’s electrical system. This allows them to turn on with the built-in LED light, ensuring you’ll always have light available when you open the trunk, though that may require a professional installation or some mechanical know-how.

However, another option that doesn’t require wiring into your vehicle (and could potentially void its warranty) is to use battery-powered LED lights. You can get rechargeable, motion-sensing LED lights for less than $20 and install them on the roof of the RAV4’s rear section or the trunk door. Since they have motion sensors, they will automatically light up when you’re moving about in the cargo compartment.

Roof rack

Toyota RAV4 off-road driving

Whether you’re on an overland expedition with your buddies, or traveling to grandma’s with your wife and kids, a roof rack will provide you with extra cargo space to bring everything with you. They’re also occasionally useful in daily life, especially if you need to bring oversized cargo from the local hardware or appliance store. Since several RAV4 trims already come with roof rails, it’s convenient and relatively inexpensive to install a roof rack on one. 

You can also pick different roof rack types to fit your needs: There’s the simple bar, which is two to three bars where you can place your long and large cargo like bikes and kayaks. There’s the roof basket, which can hold your bags, cooler boxes, tents, and other smaller cargo, but must be secured with rope or a cargo net. And there’s the roof box, which limits the volume and shape of the stuff you can put on your roof, but they are protected from the elements, and the roof box itself is usually streamlined to reduce noise and fuel consumption.

Whatever lifestyle you have, you’ll find these three items the most useful RAV4 cargo accessories you can get. They’ll keep your car’s interior in good shape, and let you move as much stuff as you like, no matter what time it is.

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