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Polaris UTV driving through mud

The whole reason one typically drives an ATV or UTV, general fun factor notwithstanding, is that they’re rugged, utilitarian vehicles. Polaris ATVs and UTVs, for instance, are designed to tackle rough terrain with powerful engines and grippy tires without taking up as much space as a full-on all-terrain car. Even without any bells or whistles, Polaris vehicles are great for wilderness exploration, compact travel, and the occasional snowy rescue.

As good as these vehicles are on their own, though, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be a little better. Polaris offers a surprisingly wide array of mountable accessories for its vehicles to further mold them to your preferences. Naturally, these accessories include the usual suspects like storage racks and polycarbonate windshields, but if you dig a little bit deeper, you’ll find some truly underrated gems. While these gadgets might be a bit more circumstantial in their usage, if you’re in their strike zone, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without them. 

We’ve selected five Polaris accessories that you may not have considered to attach to your vehicle of choice, each backed up by professional reviews and user ratings. There will be more information on our selection methodology at the bottom of the page.

ATV Handguards

Polaris ATV handguards

When driving around on an ATV, you’d probably assume most of the potentially hazardous stuff is below you rather than in front of you. However, much like riding a motorcycle, there are several potential hazards that could injure your hands while you’re driving, from loose rocks kicked up off the road to bugs and pests whizzing by. Rather than leaving your hands exposed, give them a little extra protection.

The Polaris Handguards can be mounted onto any ATV using a separate pair of handguard mounts to provide a sturdy barrier between your hands and the road. No matter what conditions you’re riding in, these guards will keep your hands and controls covered and safe. Plus, they give your ATV a nifty performance look.

The Polaris ATV Handguards are available on Amazon for $44.99, with a 4.2 out of five user rating. While some users were disappointed by the lack of included mounts, those who used them found them more than adequate for safety purposes. One user found them especially useful for defending against thorns and branches while riding an overgrown trail.

ATV Handlebar Hand Warmers

Polaris handlebar hand warmers

The wind chill that comes from storming over the hills may not seem like a big deal if you’re driving in the warm season, but you shouldn’t discount it. Even if you’re wearing gloves while driving your ATV, the cold from the wind, not to mention the elements if you’re driving in the winter, can weaken your grip and make driving more dangerous. Keep those digits toasty with a pair of handlebar hand warmers.

These simple electrical warmers feature built-in wiring to plug directly into your ATV’s battery. When they’re hooked up, you can set the heat to either low for a comforting warmth or high for some proper toastiness. No matter what season you’re driving in, these puppies will ensure your hands are warm and, more importantly, stimulated and alert.

The Polaris ATV Handlebar Hand Warmers are available on Amazon for $89.99, where they have a user rating of 4.8 out of five. Users appreciate how easy they are to install on any Polaris ATV thanks to their integrated wiring, with one user finding them especially useful in the frosty winters of Minnesota.

ATV Handlebar Mounted Mirrors

Polaris handlebar mirrors

One thing you might take for granted on a car or motorcycle that isn’t present on an ATV is rear-view mirrors. Obviously, ATVs are intended more for the wilderness than commercial roads. However, even if there probably isn’t anyone driving behind you, it’d still be beneficial to know what’s happening back there. If you want to know, just install a couple of mirrors on your handlebars.

The ATV Handlebar Mounted Mirrors can be attached directly to your handlebars with no additional mounts, giving you an extra pair of eyes in the back of your head. The mirrors are fully articulated and adjustable so that you can get your preferred viewing angle, and they can also fold into the ATV if you’re worried about them getting snagged on something.

The Polaris ATV Handlebar Mounted Mirrors are available on Amazon for $44.92 or on Polaris for $39.99, where they have a user rating of 4.7 out of five. Not only are the mirrors easy to install, but they stick steadfastly; one user explained that after installing the mirrors on their quad, they’ve driven over 300 miles and never shaken out of position.

ATV/UTV Glacier Pro Lock & Ride 52 inch Steel Plow Blade

Polaris steel plow blade

When you think of snow removal vehicles, you probably think of a full-scale snow plow truck. Of course, not everyone owns a pickup truck to mount a plow blade to, nor does everyone need that much plowing power. If you need a more modest amount of snow removed from your presence, try mounting a plow blade on your Polaris ATV or UTV.

The Glacier Pro Lock & Ride Plow Blade packs 52 inches of solid steel shoving onto your Polaris vehicle of choice. Thanks to Polaris’ proprietary Lock & Ride tech, you can attach the blade directly to your ATV or UTV without requiring additional tools. With the blade measuring a mighty 17 inches in height, you can shove absolutely anything out of your way, be it snow in the winter or hay on the farm.

The Glacier Pro Steel Plow Blade is available on Amazon for $299.99, with a user rating of 4.6 out of five. Users appreciate both the ease of installation and the sturdiness of the blade. One user used the blade as their main weapon against a massive 17-inch snowfall, which it handled perfectly.

UTV Polaris PRO HD 4,500 lb. Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery

Polaris 4500 winch

A UTV is an excellent choice for a wilderness rescue vehicle, as it’s compact and rugged enough to move across unpaved terrain and strong enough to get where it needs to be in a hurry. If you want to make your UTV the ultimate rescue mobile, you need to give it a way to pull and hold heavy objects.

The Polaris PRO HD Winch features a 1.6 hp motor to rapidly roll up its tow line with 4,500 pounds of yanking power. The Rapid Rope Recovery design allows the rope to rewind five times faster than similar models, and the included remote control allows you to control the motor from up to 50 feet away.

The Polaris PRO HD Winch is available on the Polaris digital storefront for $884.99. This winch was named the best Polaris winch available by the YouTube channel Dirt Exhibition, which specializes in ATV and UTV parts. In the channel’s review, the winch and rope were able to hold up the entire weight of an attached RZR Turbo S, suspending it seamlessly from the ceiling.

Recommendation methodology

Polaris UTV in desert

The preceding products were selected based on Amazon store user reviews and professional recommendations. In the former case, preference was given to items with at least a four out of five-star rating based on at least 40 user reviews.

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