Top Dash Cams for 2024: Record 24-Hour Monitoring

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Dash cams are crucial for any motorist today. While some cars, like Tesla, have a built-in dash cam function, the majority of cars on the road do not have one. If your vehicle does not have this feature built-in, you can install a dash cam to protect yourself and your property wherever you are.

However, you shouldn’t just buy any dash cam. After all, road conditions are always changing, so you need a camera that can keep up. Furthermore, your dash cam must have enough video quality to capture details; what use is it if you don’t see the plate number or capture the face of the driver?

You also need to protect your car while it’s parked. Not all garages and parking lots have a security camera monitoring them. But if you have a dash cam with parking mode, you will always have a security camera inside your car.

We’re picking these dash cams based on personal experience, reviews by our team, and professional feedback. We also checked out customer feedback, ensuring that these cameras live up to their claims. So, check out these five dash cams that lets you record your car even while you’re parked.

Transcend DrivePro 550

Transcend DrivePro 550

I’ve been using a Transcend DrivePro dashcam since I bought my first car in 2015. I’ve already had three cars since then, but I’m still using the same dashcam. Since I’ve proven the quality and reliability of Transcend’s dashcams, I would recommend its top-of-the-line model — the DrivePro 550.

This dual lens dashcam will allow you to record what you see in front of you, as well as capture your cabin view. While it only records footage at 1080p@60, its clear enough that you can see the details of the car in front of you. It also has a built-in battery, allowing the dashcam to continue recording even if the car loses power.

The DrivePro 550 also has Parking mode, which you can easily activate in the menu. This feature will let the dash cam monitor the car for any movement. If it senses activity, the dash cam will automatically record for up to 15 seconds after the movement stops. If you want to use this feature all the time, we recommend getting the optional hard wire kit, as it will allow the dash cam to tap into your car’s battery, letting it monitor your car for longer than its built-in battery will allow.

Nextbase iQ

Nextbase iQ dashcam

We recommend the Nextbase iQ if you want a feature-packed dash cam. This camera comes in three flavors — 1080p, 1440p, and 4K — but you’ll want to pick the 4K model to ensure that you get the best details for your security. The other thing we liked about the iQ is that it attaches directly to your OBD port, meaning your car’s power plug remains free to use for other purposes, like a USB charger.

You can also control the dash cam’s features using your voice, allowing you to save files, turn on recording, and even reach your trusted contacts through the dash cam — all without taking your hands off the wheel. You can even access the dash cam remotely, allowing you to see what’s going on in your car even if it’s just parked.

The main downside of the Nextbase iQ is that it’s a pretty expensive camera. The full HD model starts at $399.99, but you the price jumps to $699.99 if you choose the 4K model. Furthermore, you need to pay for a subscription if you want to unlock all of its functions, including the parking mode. But at just $9.99 a month (or $99.99 annually), you will get peace of mind knowing that your dash cam protects your car, even if you’re not there to guard it.

Garmin Dash Cam Live

Garmin Dash Cam Live

Garmin is one of the industry leaders when it comes to navigation electronics. So, if you trust this brand, consider going for the Gamin Dash Cam Live. This camera may look like a simple generic car camera you can get off Amazon, but it has several features that make it an excellent pick.

The camera comes with an adapter that plugs into your car’s power socket. You can also get the optional Constant Power Cable, which plugs into your OBD II port. That keeps your power socket free for other uses and keeps the camera recording if your car’s power outlet turns off with the car. But what makes this dash cam unique is that it has GPS, LTE connectivity, and even some AI functions. Despite its small 640 x 360-pixel LCD screen, it records at 1440p resolution with a 140-degree view, allowing you to see the front of your car clearly.

As we’re only choosing 24/7 dash cams, the Garmin Dash Cam Live also comes with a parking guard feature. However, you need hard wire the camera to your car with the Garmin Parking Mode Cable or use the Constant Power Cable. You also need an LTE subscription at $9.99 if you want to access your Garmin’s recordings remotely.


nexarOne dashcam

We have previously reviewed the Nexar Beam dash cam and found that it provided acceptable performance. But if you want to protect your car with a better camera, consider going for the nexar One dash cam, which offers more features, including parking monitoring.

This dash cam records video in 4K resolution and has clear vision in both daytime and nighttime recordings. It also comes with either a hardwire kit or OBD kit, keeping your car’s outlet free. You can also monitor your car remotely via video streaming, and the dash cam will also send you alerts when it detects a parking incident, provided you have a Nexar Connect subscription.

The nexarOne comes in four different memory configurations — 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The 64GB can store up to 18 hours of recording, making it a great option already. But if you can don’t mind spending on your car’s accessories, the 512GB will let you store up to 144 hours for the ultimate security.

70mai Dash Cam Omni

70mai dash cam

Dash cams are often considered utilitarian items, with its design often considered an afterthought by their manufacturers. However, the 70mai Omni dash cam changes that by giving it a unique design and several fun and quirky features.

The Omni dash cam has a full HD resolution, which is good enough for everyday recording. It also has 300 mAh battery, allowing it to run even after you turn off the car. However, you need to purchase and install the optional hardwire kit if you want to use the Parking Surveillance Mode.

But what’s interesting about the 70mai Dash Cam Omni is that its camera rotates 340 degrees, allowing it capture different areas around your car. You can also control it with your voice, allowing you to use its functions without getting distracted.

It has several vlogging features, like recording clips, taking selfies, and capturing timelapse videos. Since this just a dash cam, it still doesn’t have the same quality as your smartphone or a dedicated camera. But if you’re alone and want to capture a video while you’re driving, you could use the 70mai Omni to do that for you.

Why we chose these dash cams

dash cam in parking garage

We recommended these dash cams because of our experience using them during our reviews. I personally own a Transcend dash cam and can attest to its longevity, while the rest of our team have reviewed the other dash cams in our list, except for the nexarOne.

Nevertheless, we added the nexarOne to our recommendations because of the good feedback on the dash cam. Its more affordable variant, the Nexar Beam, was a good option if you’re sticking to a budget, but we did not add it to this list because it did not have the parking guard feature.

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