Lifehack: Use a Pumice Stone to Easily Clean Pet Hair from Your Car

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Three pumice stones

If you frequently drive with your pets – particularly dogs – you’ll be familiar with how dirty your car can get. Fur and dirt can get embedded into the seats and carpet, requiring frequent cleaning to keep your car pet hair and odor free. You might also need to deal with messes like drool, car sickness, and the occasional toilet accident.

There are a few things you can do to keep your car clean while taking your furry pal along for the ride. For starters, opting for vinyl seat covers instead of fabric will make cleanups much easier, given they’re easy to wipe down and don’t stain. Investing in removable seat covers or a dog car seat is also a good idea, as are heavy-duty rubber mats. You should also keep a clean-up kit in your car at all times, stocked with items like wet wipes, paper towels, rubber gloves, and trash bags.

Despite all these precautions, you’re probably going to have to clean your car at least once a week to get rid of pet-related messes. Among the hardest to get rid of is pet hair, particularly when it becomes embedded in the fabric. While vacuuming helps, a simple pumice stone can be far more effective.

A pumice stone can remove pet hair from your car

Dog hair car seat

A pumice stone works wonders when it comes to removing pet hair from your car. Since it has a rough surface, it can dislodge pet hair that can’t be removed with a vacuum cleaner or cleaning brush. Pumice stones are available for under $5 on Amazon, and you can even get dedicated pet hair removal pumice stones that claim to be safe for use on furniture and upholstery. If you have a lot of pet hair to deal with, it’s best to use a large pumice stone to tackle more surface area.

To remove pet hair from your car with a pumice stone, follow these steps:

  1. Vacuum the excess pet hair.

  2. Using short strokes, sweep the pumice stone in one direction over the pet hair.

  3. Vacuum the dislodged hair.

  4. Sweep the pumice stone in the other direction.

  5. Do a final vacuum to remove the remaining pet hair.

You might need to repeat the process a few times to remove deeply embedded pet hair. Once you’re done, the pumice stone can be washed with water and dried. It’s worth noting that you should only use a pumice stone on fabric, as other materials in your car like leather, plastic, vinyl, and metal will get scratched.

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