Find out who manufactures Harbor Freight floor jacks and the cost of Pittsburgh, Daytona, and Badland brands

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Anyone with any experience in car maintenance can speak to the value of a quality floor jack. These powerful tools are essential to securely supporting your vehicle while performing any repairs to the undercarriage, changing tires, or trying to do a general inspection. Most of them are straightforward and easy to use even for the relatively inexperienced, so long as you take the time to ensure it’s properly situated and used safely.

Similarly, finding a good floor jack is an easy venture, as they’re readily available at retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even Target. Harbor Freight is another place worth looking into for a floor jack, with a solid variety to choose from at lower prices than much of the competition. The tricky part about Harbor Freight, however, is getting a solid reading on where their products are manufactured. 

This is no exception with their floor jacks. Currently, the three floor jack brands listed on Harbor Freight’s website are Daytona, Badland, and Pittsburgh, with the latter also possessing more heavy-duty products under the Pittsburgh Automotive label. Daytona appears to have the most information behind its origins, with the brand itself launching in 2016 and details on the packaging for some of its items stating that it was manufactured in China. While some experts and enthusiasts have speculated that Pittsburgh is also made in China, any solid information on it or Badland’s origins is hard to come by, with most sources simply labeling them as a Harbor Freight exclusive brand. 

How much do Harbor Freight floor jacks cost?

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For any, the draw to shopping at Harbor Freight is their prices. Compared to most retailers, Harbor Freight’s selection as a whole is far more economical and affordable for the average buyer. However, while some of their tools should be approached with caution, most of Harbor Freight’s floor jacks have received largely positive ratings from buyers. 

Pittsburgh holds the most floor jacks at Harbor Freight, with ten to choose from that also have the widest range of prices. The lowest priced one is the Pittsburgh Automotive 2 Ton Compact Trolley Jack at $39.99 while the most expensive is the Pittsburgh Automotive 22 ton Air/Hydraulic Floor Jack at $379.99, with much of the rest ranging in cost from $80 to $250. Daytona comes in at a close second with nine floor jacks to pick, ranging in price between the $134.99 Rapid Pump 1.5 Ton Professional Racing Series Aluminum Floor Jack and the Rapid Pump 1.5 Ton Ultra-Low-Profile Lightweight High-Performance Aluminum Racing Jack for $299.99. There are also plenty of two and three ton floor jack options from Daytona within the $200 range. In vast contrast, Badland only has one floor jack you can get at Harbor Freight with a 3 Ton Off-Road Jack that goes for $319.99. 

It also happens to be among the top-rated floor jacks at Harbor Freight, with a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5-star rating average from just shy of 800 buyers. Thankfully, the other floor jacks aren’t too far off, with the lowest rated possessing a 4.5 rating average, indicating that the retailer’s selection as a whole is of sound quality despite the low price. 

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